Ouf!!! J'ai mis pas mal de jours à le finir mais le résultat en vaut la peine. Superbe puzzle et merci
Posted on 12/18/16 7:13 PM

absolutely brilliant!!!
Posted on 12/6/16 3:52 PM

pretty easy when you change the colors to solve it but the outcome is awesome. has to be one of the better results on this site.
Posted on 2/6/13 7:46 AM

The colors are hell, but it's definitely worth it. Awesome job!!!
Posted on 8/24/10 3:36 PM

I have hidden the description and the theme so I had no idea what I was getting into. I did not get wiser along the way. it was great fun! And Joker an awesome surpriseemoticon
Posted on 3/17/10 2:05 AM

Great job. Makes me 3 days to finish it... But the picture was worth it ;)
Posted on 12/30/09 12:30 AM

This made my brain hurt! emoticon
Posted on 11/27/09 9:41 PM

without changing colours it is a hell of a job. My regard to the author.
Posted on 11/21/09 6:14 PM

hurrah finally finished; love it
Posted on 11/18/09 2:17 AM

Looks like Uma Thurman on a really, really bad day
Posted on 11/17/09 5:03 AM