ok !!
Posted on 6/18/23 1:19 PM

Would be nicer with colour
Posted on 1/17/21 5:16 PM

ok !!
Posted on 6/16/20 6:48 PM

ok !!!
Posted on 1/3/19 4:06 PM

Great kickin' style with tri ball. Nice done. 75% for this.
Posted on 4/1/13 12:46 PM

Very good!!!!
Posted on 1/30/13 12:21 AM

Very nice especially in its simplicity. The 0% voters need to try to submit puzzles to see what it takes! Loved this.
Posted on 6/25/12 7:28 PM

     I'm sorry - but I have on occasions voted 0% - and no, I don't submit puzzles, and don't know how to create them. The voting system is presumably about how much you like or don't like a puzzle, not about whether you acknowledge the effort the creator has put into it, and is worthless if people are expected to vote high out of acknowledgement of the effort or skill put in. Voting must be honest if it is to be meaningful at all. If I give a low vote, it is not in the least intended as a slur on the creator, or a devaluing of the effort or skill that goes into it - it just means that I didn't think much of that puzzle - sometimes I can't even tell what the picture is supposed to be, and even the title doesn't make the resemblance seem obvious. I'm sure even the best puzzle creators occasionally produce one that just doesn't appeal to someone, and I don't think too much should be made out of that.
Posted on 2/7/14 8:13 AM as reply to cynthiem

Good one.
Posted on 6/25/12 3:33 AM

Very good!
Posted on 6/21/12 4:51 PM