que feo!
Posted on 6/2/19 4:45 AM

Yeaaaah...this looks kinda dirty to me...
Posted on 5/22/14 8:49 PM

Looks kind of phallic(sp?) to me.
Posted on 8/16/13 1:44 PM

the unwavering light of a candle in the darkness, weeping. What a profound, and inspiring image. Beautiful Pam_C!!! Definately one for me to print and frame, and ponder often! Thank you.
Posted on 4/17/13 9:20 PM

Ok, so there's a pool of water, some more water dripping from the top of something that looks like a wooden stick standing in the pool.... or is that a black buddha statue with a colorful shadow sitting in the pool?
What is this supposed to be?
Posted on 12/30/12 1:23 PM

A candle in the darkness, standing tall, not wavering, the impossible happens, the flame weeps tears.
Posted on 12/30/12 5:36 PM as reply to jenneth

Quite appropriate considering what happened on Friday in Connecticut.
Posted on 12/17/12 10:20 AM

Posted on 12/16/12 5:43 PM