I loved this one very much. While working it, I wasn't seeing it for all of it's beauty. It's one of those things that once you're done, you sit back and think "Wow!"
Posted on 9/25/15 4:37 PM

It should have been a multi triddler of a complete Siamese. Long ago I did send it in in two parts (the second part, with tail, fitted to the left side of the first triddler). Because I lost my motivation to create triddlers due to the restictions in size I hoped that it would become possible to have at least two-part-triddlers. It would give me new inspiration for sure!
Posted on 7/1/15 3:37 PM

So, there is no part two? I would love to solve that. This is such an wonderful triddler.
Posted on 3/23/16 11:57 AM as reply to fineke

So wonder FORMAT of this triddler! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Posted on 5/21/15 8:01 PM

best of the best emoticon
Posted on 4/23/15 5:06 PM

Posted on 4/22/15 3:46 PM

I'd vote 150% if I could!
Posted on 4/21/15 8:32 PM

Welcome back
Posted on 4/20/15 7:52 PM