Posted on 9/21/21 9:57 AM

Posted on 1/22/21 7:34 AM

ok !!
Posted on 11/29/20 6:55 PM

Fajny obrazek. OK.
Posted on 7/7/20 12:18 AM

ok !!!
Posted on 7/5/20 8:56 PM

I tricked myself out of solving this the first time. I started in the lower right, and was thinking of the equine sort of mare.
Posted on 9/9/14 5:01 PM

Posted on 10/25/13 10:17 AM

finalmente!!! muy bueno.
Posted on 3/20/13 6:52 PM

2:31:43 finally made it
Posted on 11/25/12 1:42 AM

2:28:02 Nightmare
Posted on 10/18/12 10:23 PM

My poor eyes, didn't worth it
Posted on 1/6/12 8:15 AM

Reflecting back on this (solved 12/2009), I find that there is a very fine line between artistry and challenge especially when solving capabilities are involved. This line can be easily blurred and some solvers find that artistry and puzzle integrity come second to challenge and vice versa. Had I known what I know now, I should have and would have voted this puzzle higher. Please forgive my early ignorance, AUTENTICARSE.
Posted on 9/19/11 6:47 AM

02:09:23 - the only good thing is i didn't get stuck for long but it was really a nightmare to spend over 2 hours on just one puzzle.
Posted on 4/25/11 4:21 PM

1:21and really not fun to do or a nice picture
Posted on 12/14/10 3:24 PM

03:06:46 emoticon
Posted on 6/9/10 3:23 AM

it was too difficult for me. the nightmare is not the picture but the long time it takes to complete it
Posted on 5/1/10 3:10 PM

4:00:22 the way it was going i thought it would take twice that. very satisfying 100%
Posted on 2/15/10 12:55 AM

A true challenge!
Posted on 11/3/09 2:42 PM

Very difficult, but I didn't like the outcome.
Posted on 9/24/09 3:51 PM

2:24, so not worth it.
Posted on 8/14/09 3:09 AM

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeej đđ
Posted on 8/5/09 12:28 AM

interesting, rather than pleasant picture! but nevertheless a great triddler and in 2 hours 35!
Posted on 7/7/09 2:12 PM

Posted on 6/29/09 5:26 AM

wohoo i finished it in two hours!!!
Posted on 5/22/09 6:20 AM

Very difficult, but finished emoticon, nearly 6 hours
Posted on 5/5/09 1:48 PM

Posted on 3/14/09 6:10 AM

I liked it emoticon Picture is more challeng-making than nice, but still worth solving emoticon
Posted on 2/26/09 1:46 AM

3:13:15, what a nightmare!!
Posted on 2/20/09 11:16 AM

This was really a challange, but I made it in less time than meantime, hihi.
Posted on 2/18/09 11:00 PM

Ok, it's a tough one, but it can be done, using deduction
Posted on 1/26/09 12:58 AM

Top level in griddlers solving.
Posted on 12/2/08 2:02 AM

J'ai vaincu !!!! Ah ah ! Bon, il était moins dur que je le croyais... mais très dur quand même.
Posted on 11/27/08 2:30 PM

really is a knightmare but frustratingly good well done
Posted on 11/20/08 8:55 PM

1:31 Nightmare, really.
Posted on 10/27/08 6:35 PM

difficult, but i didn't really like how the finished picture looked.
Posted on 10/25/08 12:46 AM

3:15 Very difficult at some times you think you get going and then it stops again
Posted on 7/24/08 12:07 AM

3:20 chyba niezle, zwazywszy na to ze strasznie frustrujace emoticon
Posted on 7/18/08 12:31 PM

OMG I thought it wasnt going to be able to send it! Difficulty is in the useless parts
Posted on 7/13/08 6:35 PM

Posted on 7/10/08 4:58 PM

more than 5 hours, only to earn points, not interesting
Posted on 6/20/08 11:11 PM

Posted on 6/15/08 10:28 PM

Posted on 3/29/08 12:22 AM

i was so afraid i made a mistake and would have to start all over again, but i had it flawless the very first try
Posted on 3/24/08 3:12 AM

2 hours 53 minutes!!! Incredible! I thought it would take me forever!
Posted on 12/15/07 3:50 PM

Posted on 10/18/07 4:38 PM

second attemp, 3 hours, i did it emoticon
Posted on 9/5/07 11:04 PM

The name says it all!! Took me more than 4 hours. Not fun to solve. Glad it's done!
Posted on 8/30/07 11:43 PM

Question... where do u start??? please reply
Posted on 7/4/07 5:40 AM

byl to masakr,ale za ten výsledek to ani nestálo
Posted on 5/10/07 12:31 PM

i solved it after few month...
Posted on 3/12/07 2:23 PM

Only made for the points I beleave. The picture is not good like others. No logic.
Posted on 1/29/07 11:49 PM

it´s scaring ;o)
Posted on 1/5/07 12:48 PM

Not realy as difficult as the points may show, yet good brain exercise. The picture is not that good. The gost himself seems to be frightened, how would he frighten someone that way?
Posted on 12/19/06 11:16 AM

real nightmare
Posted on 12/5/06 5:10 PM

bu bu bu bu !!!!!
Posted on 9/13/06 7:55 PM

interesting... A boogeyman?
Posted on 9/11/06 9:16 PM

no masakra i to pila lancuchowa
Posted on 8/23/06 4:23 PM

ale masakra
Posted on 8/21/06 6:12 PM

wow... I finally did it, under 5 hours....
Posted on 7/26/06 1:00 AM

de gemakkelijkste tot nu toe van de puzzles met de langste gemiddelde oplostijd
Posted on 3/29/06 8:33 PM

Fun, yet frustrating. Great image at the end
Posted on 1/8/06 9:12 PM

Met name laatste stukjes niet beredeneerbaar. Is jammer.
Posted on 11/29/05 11:04 PM

Very very frustrating, but it does turn out to be a nice image.
Posted on 11/6/05 4:33 AM

This is not very hard, just long and tedius. Also not rewarding.
Posted on 10/26/05 5:39 AM

Obsession to complete. don't think the 16 min. one is real. Had to be the author to gain points for self.
Posted on 10/1/05 3:32 PM

i like it. it is scary.
Posted on 9/23/05 2:57 PM

well this was really a nightmare to solve
Posted on 9/5/05 12:41 PM

lekker moeilijk maar de tekening had beter gekund
Posted on 8/1/05 11:15 AM

Seems to be difficult for the sake of difficulty, rather than for the sake of a good puzzle
Posted on 7/30/05 3:29 AM

Can I get the last 3 hours of my life back?
Posted on 6/30/05 9:06 AM

The triddler was certainly challenging, but I wasn't fond of the result; it didn't seem like much effort was put into creating the puzzle.
Posted on 6/28/05 12:20 AM

It's the hardest triddler we have so far, but the picture is just not very good at all.
Posted on 6/17/05 4:25 AM

nice tough puzzle
Posted on 6/14/05 8:04 AM