Two of the browns are indiscernible, and were a very poor choice. I agree with nftydebater... either use the same colour, or make them different enough to easily tell them apart. This was frustrating for nothing.
Posted on 7/5/18 3:12 AM

The 2 red-browns are indistinguishable on screen. There's just no excuse for that. Either make them the same color or make them different enough to be distinct.
Posted on 5/15/18 3:46 AM

Kinda ute. There are two shades of brown I couldn't tell the difference between.
Posted on 5/12/09 12:49 AM

Almost as bad as snakes!
Posted on 12/9/06 7:20 AM

aaahhhhh! rats! i was expecting catnip!! still, good puzzle
Posted on 12/3/06 1:43 AM

the two brown colors have been quite tricky
Posted on 11/15/06 1:31 PM