ok !!!
Posted on 9/10/21 4:38 PM

ok !!
Posted on 6/22/21 8:53 PM

Fajny obrazek. OK.
Posted on 6/21/21 10:03 PM

Oh, for crying out loud. :/ this is why , while I love triddlers, I will never create one. There's always a bunch of people who will sit there and criticize what isn't absolutely perfect in their eyes. I like it. It was a quick, fun puzzle with bright colours. Thank you Argosgold. emoticon I really don't care which way the notes are facing.
Posted on 2/20/18 3:34 AM

Technically, this isn't wrong. There's no indication of the Time Signature, so it could easily be Eighth-Note Triplets with a 3/4 Time Signature. The number of notes fit, but if this was true, the blue and yellow notes should be connected like the pink ones. But if we ignore that, this actually looks pretty good emoticon
Posted on 5/12/14 3:44 PM

my daughter plays music. she said the first set of notes should be slanted by not the last and yes if you are changing notes or something like that the middle one can be longer. She also said that if they are eighth notes they are wtitten that way no wro
Posted on 2/18/09 5:17 AM

abbastanza difficile
Posted on 5/16/08 9:26 PM

Maybe the notes are backwards because they are reflecting in they eyes or the girls he's watching. Nice colors and fun to solve.
Posted on 5/16/08 7:55 AM

I would have liked to see it in the other orientation. I like the colours, though. And the title.
Posted on 5/16/08 5:38 AM

zaman geçtikçe üçgen bulmacalar süper olmuyormu....
Posted on 5/16/08 12:38 AM

Interesting musical representation - shame the notes are the wrong way round. (Tails up on the right like a 'J', tails down on the left like a 'P').
Posted on 5/15/08 6:48 PM

The last group of notes is written wrong... the connecting line would be slanted, the middle note would never be on a longer stem.
Posted on 5/15/08 6:31 PM