Posted on 9/20/21 1:43 PM

lag overload
Posted on 7/9/21 2:04 PM

Nice tiger.
My monitor is not fit for purpose. Luckily, there's help from forum. Not sure I want to do the hard cat now for the sixth star as that seems to be harder.
Posted on 1/26/21 4:01 PM

Posted on 1/21/21 1:06 PM

rozwiązanie to wielkie rozczarowanie !!
Posted on 11/29/20 6:53 PM

Unfortunately the biggest challange here is using the solver app :/
Posted on 10/26/20 1:08 PM

I actually completed this puzzle in Sketchbook so that I could draw hints for myself, as the solver built into the website did not help in that regard.

Definitely a satisfying challenge that will vastly stretch one's skills. Unfortunately the image quality does not reward the immense amount of time it took to solve. I did not track my hours, but if I had to guess, I would say about 40-50 hours total.

It looks like a tiger, I suppose, but the image is so mangled that it is not satisfying to look at. The eyes are uneven and it is just generally wonky. However, I am glad to have upgraded my skills and now I feel like I can solve anything!
Posted on 10/11/20 12:36 AM

Posted on 12/20/19 9:25 PM

Posted on 10/25/19 7:17 AM

Stopień trudności nie oddaje tego co się pokazuje - raczej widać rozczarowanie !!!
Posted on 10/21/19 6:28 PM

Very tedious for a picture that isn't that great.
Posted on 9/1/19 1:05 PM

Finally awarded with the Sixth Griddlers Star at last ! Very bad artistic graphic with messy illustration. This beast have a badly twisted ear at left of the puzzle as that it has probably been shot by it's author before submitted it here. Three or more tris in line connection would be much better off but too many '1's' splattered around the big puzzle makes us to lose our patience(s) with many absences. Very disappointing, but just acquired the 6th Stars is the only resort what I have it right on. :- ( for this.
Posted on 1/26/19 5:59 AM

pretty hard but nice
Posted on 11/5/18 2:00 PM

Every triangle I filled in felt like a victory.
Posted on 5/17/18 6:43 AM

Holy Triddler, Batman - I did it! Took me 13:14:59. In other words: To infinity… and beyond! Lost track (and my sanity) a couple of times. I'm not really a fan of triddlers, and this huge amount of single triangles didn't help at all.

Despite my complaints I DID have fun somewhere along the way, but ATM I'm just glad I finished it and don't ever have to come back. And now (and the next weeks) for something completely different. ;-)
Posted on 2/1/17 4:35 AM

I'm giving it a 5/5 for its highest difficulty and its 6-star value.
I even printed out this puzzle to work on it by hand. Fantastically tricky -- I'm so happy I've finally completed it. emoticon
Posted on 8/11/16 7:50 PM

doubting till the end, using intuition + logic... wow what a man can do just for a small reward... got mi 6th star afetr more than 18 hours...
Posted on 2/27/16 2:45 PM

nihayet bitti. silip tekrar yapmak zorunda kaldım.
Posted on 2/5/16 8:10 AM

Gerçekten zorlandım. Daha önce bu kadar zor bir triddler çözmemiştim. Bunun bir nedeninin yardımcı sayıların bulunduğu alandaki işaretlemelerin puzzle'ı her kapattığımda kaybolmasına bağlıyorum.
Posted on 2/24/15 3:32 PM

Phew, this one took some time...
Posted on 2/17/15 10:33 PM

Procrastinator's worst enemy! ^.^
Posted on 12/17/14 1:17 PM

çok zor yaw. yapan var mı?
Posted on 10/29/14 11:43 AM

05:10:30, uffff
Posted on 9/22/14 7:03 PM

Great puzzle! I rarely do Triddlers, but doing this for my sixth star. Definitely solvable, though it took me a while!
Posted on 8/18/14 5:45 PM

16:26:38 było bardzo ciężko - brawo za obrazek!!
Posted on 8/7/14 10:53 AM

12:44:39 in 8 days to solve that. Insane, but still fun! emoticon And definitely can be done without guessing!
Posted on 7/5/14 5:27 PM

Very difficult puzzle, but very satisfactory to have finished. Loved it!
Posted on 6/9/14 2:47 AM

I needed 16 1/2 hours. Very difficult!
Posted on 4/22/14 8:47 PM

Good place to use a key, I think. I will give this a run, but I doubt I'll get that one back. The Multi and the Sudoku will be my targets so I still earn the sixth star.
Posted on 4/22/14 7:09 PM

I'd like to earn my key back, but this puzzle is just TOO hard for me.
Posted on 3/21/14 1:37 AM

A lot of both work and fun with taming that tiger.
Posted on 3/14/14 1:11 PM

I never worked so long on a triddler.
Posted on 3/12/14 12:10 PM

sorry, too hard to me
Posted on 3/9/14 8:24 PM

I only started this because of the 6th star level. Since I'm not very good at solving triddlers, it was a constant struggle. Very good puzzle and I also love the picture. 100%
Posted on 2/28/14 9:19 PM

Posted on 2/16/14 8:42 PM

i am not sure if i love it or hate it...

btw i completet all available triddlers now^^
Posted on 11/27/13 2:13 AM

This puzzle murdered my soul. By far the most fiendishly difficult on the site, no matter what the point value. I do have to admit that once I found the eyes, it went pretty quick after that. Before then, I hit so many dead ends with tiny mistakes I wondered if I could do it at all. Applause and curses.
Posted on 9/4/13 9:19 AM

Posted on 4/25/13 12:51 AM

it took me 09:09:59!!!! too much time i must say. i just hope strunka took a few hours himself to come up with such a high difficulty (more than 1 million points) triddler.
piece of advice? do not try to guess. really! i had to restart twice because i made some wrong guesses along the way.
Posted on 9/13/12 1:01 PM

Wow, I did it! I almost gave up after 3 hours. Glad I didn't. Just over 5 hours total. I had a 3 week holiday and I figured if I didn't finish it today, I could do a little every day until it was done.
Posted on 6/23/12 2:13 PM

die Lösung macht überhaupt keinen Spass!!!! Und das Bild ist die Zeitvergeudung nicht wert.
Posted on 4/19/12 1:38 PM

Well I partly like it and I would partially like to kill the author :-). This picture is solvable, but only in very slow speed with lots of misteks caused by too many points, when your eyes are tricked. I dont undertand why there is a kind of object or what in front of the head?
Posted on 12/11/11 9:33 PM

I think that would be the nose?
Posted on 6/23/12 2:13 PM as reply to pouch

Like the wolf puzzle but 5 hours longer.
Posted on 5/15/11 2:42 AM

First I coloured the whole triddler black and imagined it as a possible area of the orange colour emoticon that's the only fun (and I think the easiest) way to solve even those puzzles with too much ones and twos.
Posted on 12/13/10 4:45 PM

Congratulations to the author's image and all those who solved it...
Posted on 9/1/10 10:35 PM

very difficult and not really worth it. do it with pure logic over a long period of time otherwise it feels like you're banging your head against a brick wall.
Posted on 7/2/10 11:55 PM

Much better than Nightmare visually, but it feels just as ludicrous solving single triangles. Does not deserve 0s or 25s considering challenge/image. Don't do in one day. Don't guess but DO assume and be sure to validate assumption.
Posted on 6/7/10 3:54 AM

Beautiful picture but very tedious
Posted on 5/20/10 1:59 AM

i thought triddlers were about logic, i don't like guessinggames
Posted on 4/21/10 6:46 AM

Congratulations to strunka on this very ambitious and difficult puzzle. But I had no fun to solve it, really not...
Posted on 4/4/10 9:40 PM

I absolutely loved it! Great job!
Posted on 2/25/10 3:14 PM

Finally! Mark-ups could not have come at a better time, managed to catch some early mistakes and certainly could not have completed without!
Posted on 2/25/10 1:13 PM

The most terrible triddler in the solving. (Tak hrozný triddler v lúštení.)
Posted on 2/20/10 8:38 PM

It took way too long for the result. Using small dots to describe lines might give high points, but the image is not worth the effort.
Posted on 2/19/10 1:26 AM

i can´t believe it. i did it. 8 hours. too many points, but too much guessing
Posted on 2/17/10 2:01 AM

Amazing! This was the hardest puzzle that I've ever done!
Posted on 2/15/10 7:06 AM