if you did use the white as background it would have been less of a fill-in, but nice result anyway ;-)
Posted on 7/11/11 12:23 PM

We call them beanies in New Zealand.
Posted on 6/2/11 9:51 AM

Good one. Here in the Great White North, we call it a toque. (Rhymes with fluke.) Shame you had to go and use that evil shade of grey, though. Had to change that to something else to make it stand out against the app's background.
Posted on 5/11/11 9:37 AM

Posted on 7/17/19 2:57 PM as reply to luweewu

Definitely a toque .. I've knitted many of these for my grandkids over the years, and now my great-grandkids emoticon
Posted on 3/26/19 7:45 PM as reply to luweewu

Before completion the hat looked like it had been knitted. A good triddler. Thank you
Posted on 4/25/11 8:52 PM