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What to do over Christmas

What to do over Christmas
13-12-2010 15:18
Well .. I had been wondering what I would find to do over Christmas .. they say 98% of movies on our UK TV will be repeats .. I don't make a lot of fuss over Christmas as I'm not much of a fan of turkey, mince pies, Christmas cake etc .. I hardly ever drink .. and I won't be going anywhere .. so what would I find to do I asked myself ... :roll:

Then .. over the last couple of weeks .. masses of new Griddlers have flooded in to the 'New Griddlers' section .. now it's not so much a question of what will I do .. but more a wail of woe .. how will I fit it all in ... emoticon

Whew .. so many new griddlers .. all charming .. some free flowing and swift to complete .. others more like impossible tasks that I shall never get anywhere with .. there is a range of subjects such as wildlife, arts and crafts .. buildings and scenery .. then there is the mundane and the bizarre .. hahah .. surely something for everyone ..

So thank you very much all you brilliant clever and creative authors .. you've solved my Christmas dilemma .. now I just need a few more hours in each day to et through them all .. emoticon
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