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T-Match - Round 11, Tourn 3: Saturday, June 2, 6AM GMT

Round 11:
No. of puzzles - 5
All puzzles will be released at once.
There is no need for a password to solve the puzzles.

Final T-Match and G-Match:
In the Final G-Match and the Final T-Match we will supply limited info. The number of released puzzles will not be given, nor the releases times. We can just say that we may have more than 10 griddlers and more than 5 triddlers.
The final matches will not exceed a span of one hour. The first puzzle will be released at :05, the last one - :55.

Score and Position:
The Score and Position is updated while solving. Click HERE to check it.

Schedule of the next T-Matches(*):
Round 01 - Saturday, January 14, 10AM GMT.
Round 02 - Saturday, January 28, 10PM GMT.
Round 03 - Saturday, February 11, 2AM GMT(**).
Round 04 - Saturday, February 25, 2PM GMT.
Round 05 - Saturday, March 10, 8AM GMT.
Round 06 - Saturday, March 24, 8PM GMT.
Round 07 - Saturday, April 7, 4AM GMT.
Round 08 - Saturday, April 21, 4PM GMT.
Round 09 - Saturday, May 5, 12AM (Midnight) GMT.
Round 10 - Saturday, May 19, 12PM (Noon) GMT.
Round 11 - Saturday, June 2, 6AM GMT.

Final Match - Saturday, June 16, 6PM GMT.
(*) Please note that we may need to change the schedule due to the site's maintenance work or unexpected circumstances.
(**) We decided to keep the time as is. If the website is slow - remember that it is slow for everyone.

Countdown Clock:
Use the countdown clock to calculate your local time.

T-Match - 3rd Tournament Plan:
The full plan of the 3rd T-Match tournament is described HERE.

T-Match First-Timer?
If it's your first time to play the T-Match - visit the Help page.

Good luck, everyone! :-)
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