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New chicks in town!

New chicks in town!
26.8.2005 11:04

The office where I work is located in an old farmbuilding, just outside of Rotterdam. A kind of 'leftover' from the old days are the chickens that walk outside. No one really looks after them, but they seem to have adopted us as their caretakers. One of them decided a bookshelve in our reception-area was the best place to lay some eggs. We chased her outside - eggs are nice, but it does get a bit messy when they drop down on a stone floor. A few days later eggs started to appear in our bicycle shed. I must admit we had some nice omelets out of them, but one morning about a month ago we found one of the chickens breeding the ones we left. Last Monday we noticed by her behaviour the eggs were hatching and in the afternoon we got a first glimpse of the new life that escaped our frying pans. Tuesday they started walking around and Mum showed us her four new kids very proudly.


In the meantime another surprise turned up as well, one of the cars in the parking lot that had been standing still way to long, turned out to be the cover for another nest. Only two of the eggs made it, but it still means our livestock has grown with six new chickens!


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