Bird feeder
18.12.2005 18:52
We build this mess hall for birds in our garden if we can call it garden. It is in front of block of flats.
Now the birds agreed with photo session after the dinner.
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Re: Bird feeder
18.12.2005 20:54 ako reakcia na Ra100.
Great pictures! The birds will be happy this winter. (I see that you already have snow.)

What do you call the bird in your first photo? (If you know.) Just curious as it is different than any of the birds here.

S. Slug
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Re: Bird feeder
18.12.2005 21:08 ako reakcia na Ra100.
Nice pics Rasto! You must have quite a photocamera or very much patience to get that close.

btw sslug; it is called a blue tit (however it looks quite yellow from this angle :toothy10: ). And since this is an international community, here are some local names...
English : Blue Tit
German : Blaumeise
French : Mésange bleue
Dutch : Pimpelmees
Polish : Sikorka modra
Latin : Parus caeruleus

Happy bird watching,
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Re: Bird feeder
18.12.2005 21:46 ako reakcia na Ra100.
Yes, the color is really strange. Yes it maybe Parus caeruleus , I also sow some Parus major today.
Next weekend I'll try to photo them during breakfast.

On budka.jpg you can see sparow ( Passer domesticus ).
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