User Terms and Conditions

1.   We thank you for choosing to use the website (from herein: “The website”). The website services are provided by "Maor Griddlers", Tax ID 558365391 (from herein: “Maor”).

2.   By clicking the confirmation button and completing the website registration process you hereby confirm your eligibility to receive the services the website provides and you consent to be subject to all of the conditions and rules set out in this Terms of Use document. If you do not do so, you shall be unable to continue the registration process. The service suggested to you is subject to your agreement, without condition or change, to the conditions, rules and instructions stated below.

3.   The Terms of Use Agreement below is written in masculine form for simplicity purposes but its contents apply to both genders.

Acceptance of Terms

4.   The services offered to you by the website shall be provided to you (from herein also: “Participant” or “User”) under the Terms of Use brought above and below and is subject to these terms (from herein: “Website Terms of Use”).

5.   Maor reserves the right to change and update the website Terms of Use for this website and the services given on it without your prior notification. You may view the occasionally updated Terms of Use by clicking on the “Terms of Use” link on the home page.

6.   You hereby agree that by submitting your information and/or clicking on the “I agree” button and/or by creating a password on the website, you express your consent to the Terms of Use detailed above.

7.   In order to use the website and benefit from its features you hereby agree to submit complete, accurate information that includes: your full name, the current email address you use, password and password confirmation and/or any other detail you are prompted to complete on the website. It is clarified that the filling in of accurate and complete information constitutes a condition for use of the website.

8.   Unless otherwise noted, any new feature on the website that changes, improves or presents services differently shall be subject to the above Terms of Use. In the event that additional services are added to the website, it is expected that you may need to express your separate consent to the additional terms required for website use.

9.   Maor reserves the right to stop or change, completely or for a limited period of time, the services, or some of them, without notification. In these circumstances, Maor shall not be responsible to you or any other third party.

10. If you choose to connect to the website using the registration information of a social media network (such as Facebook), Griddlers shall be provided with the personal information you chose to publish on your social media profile and you waive any claim regarding this issue.

User obligations at the time of registration for service

1.   By joining the different services on the website, you hereby allow Maor to keep certain information about you. The use of the information you provided, any other information about you as well as any other detail provided based on the analysis of this information shall be subject to Maor’s confidentiality policy detailed in these Terms of Use.

2.   You are required to provide true, accurate, correct and complete information as requested on the website registration form. You are also hereby obligated to update the information as provided on the registration form in order to preserve its correctness and completeness.

3.   Maor reserves the right to suspend, cancel or refuse to provide service any time the submitted information is false, not up-to-date, incomplete or incorrect at the time of registration or afterward, or if Maor has reason to believe this occurred, with or without prior notification.

4.   Do not slander or harm website Users in any way. Actions of this nature shall cause the stoppage/outage of use for a User or the suspension of the attacking party, without the need to provide an explanation or any other action.

5.   If you: (a) oppose using your user details; or (b) wish to remove yourself from Maor’s registration database, you must notify Maor’s management via a message using the “contact us” part of the website and in this circumstance Maor shall act according to the aforementioned instructions given to it, without your right to any sort of compensation for this other than a refund based on a relative calculation of the calendar months of use and as along as they were paid by you in advance.

Services provided on the website

Solving User – Free of Use Package

6.   Maor provides Users with logic games such Griddlers, Triddlers, Number Logic Puzzles and Word Search Puzzles (from herein: “Logic Games”), for the User’s personal use on the website. Maor reserves the right to add additional games to the service package at its discretion.

7.   The services are only provided on the website and may only be solved on the website.

8.   While browsing the website, you may search for, play and solve the logic games found on the website.

9.   The system places aids at your disposal that simplify the solution process for some of the logic games.

10. Maor reserves the right to occasionally change and/or add and/or remove logic games from the website at its sole discretion.

11. Use of the website as a solving user gives the User, free of charge, the right to play and solve logic games on the website for his personal use and pleasure.

12. The website system gives the solving user the option of saving a limited number of logic games that the User is in the middle of solving and wishes to continue solving at a later point in time and/or solve them “offline” when they are saved on his personal computer (if you are a subscriber to the website). Maor reserves the right to set and occasionally change the number of mind games that may be saved by a solving user who is not a paid subscriber.

Solving User – Paid Use Packages

13. Any User may purchase a paid subscription to the website.

14. The paid use package includes a list of expanded benefits and/or services that are detailed on the “The Advantages”  page of the website.

15. Maor is allowed to occasionally change the benefits package and/or services provided in the paid use package.

16. The use package is for a limited period of time that starts at the time of payment or at the time of previous subscription expiry date and expires at the end of the use period depending on the package purchased. Information regarding the package time spans and their cost is found on the “Subscribe” (link) page of the website.

17. It should be clarified that Maor may collect different payment amounts for the same service from Users from different countries.

18. The stated service is subject to the nominal fee on the page and by completing the payment process you confirm that the means of payment you used to complete the payment is yours and that you are authorized use it.

19. You may announce the cancellation of the annual subscription transaction within 30 days after the time of payment and receive a full refund and this shall only be with written notification sent to . Cancelation of eBook purchase transactions (pdf format) shall be subject to the website team’s discretion.

20. If Maor changes the benefits package and/or services provided with payment in such a way that you lose benefits and/or services given to you in the past, during the course of the period of the paid package, and you are not interested in continuing to use the new service package, you have the right to notify Maor of the cancelation of the transaction and receive a full refund for the amount you paid for the package and this with written notification based on section 19 above.

Authors (Users who create puzzles)

21. Any user that registers for the website may use the website systems’ workshops in order to create the following games: “Griddlers” (by drawing), “Triddlers” (by drawing) and “Word Search” (using a dedicated generator).

Maor reserves the right to change workshop features and/or add and/or remove workshops in the future for additional games at its discretion and these terms will also apply to these games.

22. “Griddler”, “Triddler” and “Word Search” games shall be done via the automatic computer system found on the website on the “Workshop” page.

23. It should be clarified that in order to create “Griddler”, “Triddler” and “Word Search” games using the computerized system, the Java program must be installed on your computer.

24. Installation of the Java program is not tied to the services provided to you on this website whether in the installation or use of Java. They are your sole responsibility and any claim against Maor regarding the installation of the program by you and/or the use of it shall not be addressed and you absolve Maor of any liability tied your installation and/or use of Java.

25. It should be clarified and emphasized that Maor may upload the logic game image you created as is or edit it at its discretion. Attached in this is a link to the creation guidelines:

26. Maor has the option to not use the game drawing you created for any reason, specifically when the drawing you created is liable to harm public sensitivities and/or constitute a violation of third party copyright and/or existing or technical limitations with its upload to the website and/or an identical or similar illustration exists on the website.

27. You hereby declare that the drawing you created in the logic game is the product of your own imagination, is not copied from another source and no third party has rights to it.

28. Maor is allowed but not required to give credit or cite your username as the game solution author and you absolve Maor of any obligation to do so.

29. You understand that Maor may distribute the logic game created on the website, including using the drawing you created, and this for commercial purposes as it sees fit. This includes that Maor may provide the option to play the logic game you created on the website, on the cellphone application and/or through any other digital or printed means of publication (logic puzzle books, etc.), all detailed below.

Website Confidentiality Policy

30. Maor shall not assume responsibility regarding forum messages, the content of these messages, their truthfulness, credibility, accuracy, completeness, computer files attached to them, the actions of any aforesaid files, their effect on participants’ computers and any damage, loss, inconvenience or anguish, etc., and the results, direct or indirect, that shall be caused to you or any third party through messages advertised on the forum or submitted through them.

31. All website and application design copyrights and intellectual property rights, and all software and computer code that are part of it, solely belong to Maor. Do not copy, distribute, publicly display or submit part of the website to a third party without receiving Maor’s written consent in advance.

32. The registration of a user for the website constitutes an agreement on his part that his user details shall be kept in databases owned by Maor and/or its commercial partners, and that these and/or Maor shall be allowed to use this information in accordance with database purposes, for the purposes of contacting the user, for website operation needs and internal purposes such as investigating complaints or criticism. The aforementioned use of user information shall not be considered to be an infringement upon confidentiality, and the company shall not be considered to have violated confidentiality or harmed the user’s confidentiality with this information as it is defined in the Computers Law, 5755 1995, that it shall be enough to identify the user or follow him via another entity, and that stems from the use of electronic communications in general and specifically computer communication.

33. Maor shall not allow the surrender of information to third parties other than its commercial partners except for in any one of the circumstances detailed below: (a) If it is demanded to do so by court order or according to law; (b) if it is alerted to legal steps taken against it due to actions committed by the user as well as any dispute, action, claim, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between the user and Maor; (c) if Maor establishes website operations under the scope of another entity - as well as if Maor merges with another entity or merges the website with the operations of another entity – it shall have the right to pass on user information to the other entity as long as the other entity takes this confidentiality policy towards the user upon itself; (d) if Maor shall claim or suspect that the user committed an act, began harming and/or is likely to harm it and/or its stead and/or any third parties, including other users; (e) if Maor shall claim or suspect that the user used the website for the purposes of committing an illegal act and/or that which allows, eases, aids and abets any sort of act of this nature; (f) if Maor shall claim or suspect that the user violated one of these Terms of Use and/or the entire contract with Maor and/or its stead; (g) if as long as the matter is for the purposes of website operations, such as giving information to employees, secondary contractors, commercial partners and other parties involved in the website. The user shall not have a claim or demand against Maor and/or its stead regarding the surrender of the aforesaid user details.

34. The user hereby confirms that he knows he has no legal obligation to submit his user details to Maor and that submitting the aforementioned details is of his own free shall and consent. In addition, the user hereby explicitly agrees to the aforementioned use with his user details and confirms that the use of them shall not be considered to be privacy infringement and shall not entitle him to any aid and/or compensation.

35. If the user (a) opposes using his user details; or (b) wishes to remove himself from the database, the user must inform Maor of this by email to and in this instance Maor shall act according to the instructions given to it, without the user being entitled to any compensation for this.

Waiver of Author confidentiality protection and declaration regarding rights over a logic game uploaded that is the product of the intellect uploaded by Maor’s computer system framework

36. When confirming these Terms of Use, you accept upon yourself the Terms of Use as a whole and in particular:

36.1    You hereby confirm and undertake that the logic game you created and the image and/or illustration behind it is the product of your imagination, including the intellectual property rights (as defined in the “intellectual property” section below) tied to it. You hereby confirm and undertake that there is nothing in the logic game you created and/or any other action you take within the scope of your use of the website that violates the rights of any third party, including intellectual property rights and/or the provisions in the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741 1981 (from herein: “Protection of Privacy Law”) and the regulations and instructions attached to it.

36.2    Maor shall not be liable for any harm to a third party, including in connection to the Protection of Privacy Law, and/or a violation of intellectual property rights, of a third party for the publishing of a logic game you uploaded and/or any other action you take within the scope of your use of the website.

36.3    You hereby undertake to compensate Maor, immediately upon its first demand, for any damage, claim and/or monetary loss caused to Maor as a result of your violation of obligations as detailed above.

36.4    You hereby affirm and consent that Maor (or its stead) shall be allowed to have any use, including commercial, of the logic game you created, including uploading them to the website and application, printing them, distributing them and/or selling them within the scope of commercial advertisements according to Maor’s discretion. It is hereby clarified that you shall not be eligible for any compensation, monetary or otherwise, for the aforementioned use.

36.5    Maor is allowed to sell the logic game you created, to transfer rights to it and/or give user licenses to third parties as it sees fit, whether for profit or not and you hereby waive any claim and/or demand against Maor in essence and in practice, you hereby transfer to Maor ownership of intellectual property of the illustration you created using Maor’s system.

Notification and Removal

37. You may send a message via email to in order to ask that your details be erased, including the user name and other details you entered on the website.

38. As a rule, the Griddler home page on Facebook and the application download is open to the User public under the “age and general responsibility” section below; however, Maor is allowed, at its discretion, to limit access to the website and/or limit permission to write messages and comments on the website.

39. Do not publish on the website any information, file, image, copy, details or any content that is illegal, of an explicit sexual nature, irritating, insulting, harmful, threatening, obscene, racist, offensive to public sensitivities, encourages a criminal act, liable to be the basis of a legal claim or civilian responsibility, slanders, harms confidentiality or constitutes a different violation of the law.

40. It is forbidden to submit information, an image, copy, file or any other content that personally identifies others without their explicit permission. Maor shall not be responsible for any damage that may be caused by publishing this information.

41. Maor and/or website management reserve the right to remove a comment as stated and/or reduce the User’s accumulated score, and this at its absolute sole discretion and without any obligation to notify the participant of the removal of the response. In addition and without derogating from the aforesaid, Maor and/or the website administration, shall remove the response and/or one of the acts and/or harmful contents as stated in section 39 above, with notification of a third party that may find itself harmed by the content in accordance with the Prohibition of Defamation Law, Copyright Act, Protection of Privacy Law or by trademark order, that was uploaded as stated by a User, and this shall be done by written request to remove the published content, to website management via the email whose address is Maor and/or the website management reserve for themselves the discretion to remove the aforementioned published content, without having any obligation placed upon them to notify the User who uploaded the published content due to its harmful nature.

42. In addition, and without detracting from the aforementioned, do not publish a message containing advertising content without the consent of website management; any participant who publishes messages of this sort shall be blocked immediately.

Intellectual Property

43. For the purposes of these Terms of Use, the definition of the term “Intellectual property rights” is – any intellectual property of any type including but not limited to, trademarks, trade secrets, photographs, drawings, designs, fonts, texts, copyrights (including moral right), whether these rights are listed or not.

44. You hereby agree and confirm that all intellectual property rights linked to the website and/or the logic games (including those you created) and/or any part of them, including: website content, its design and software, code, graphics and/or video files, other text files and other materials, whether in the form of source code, object code or external interface, are the sole property of Maor and/or third parties (as applicable and according to Maor’s discretion), and they shall remain the sole property of Maor and/or the aforementioned third parties.

45. You hereby agree and confirm that you shall not use information or content included on the website without prior written approval from Maor and/or the relevant third parties (as applicable) and that you shall refrain from using the website in any way that is liable to constitute a violation of Maor and/or the third party’s intellectual property rights in any way.

46. You hereby undertake to transfer and assign to Maor and you hereby actively transfer, without compensation, completely and irrevocably, all rights, including intellectual property rights, that you have tied to the games you created and you hereby confirm and undertake that you shall not have any right to any of the aforementioned intellectual property. Without detracting from the aforementioned, you hereby undertake to cooperate with Maor and this includes taking any action and signing any document in order to allow Maor to enjoy the full intellectual property rights from the uploaded content.

47. It is hereby clarified that so long as you have intellectual property rights tied to the games you created that are not given to the assignment as required above, including moral rights, you hereby waive all demands, suits and/or claims against Maor and/or its stead tied to the aforementioned rights.


A “cookie” is a small text file transferred to your personal computer’s hard drive by the site’s server. The website uses cookies so that website servers can identify you quickly and efficiently when you return and visit the website.

48. You hereby confirm and consent that Maor may track or gather information about your use on the website by using “cookies”. The information gathered by these cookies shall not be given to third parties and shall only be kept for internal purposes, for the purposes of improving service.

49. You may choose to not use cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your browser (each browser is different, therefore it is recommended that you read the browser help file in order to learn the correct way to change the “cookies” function settings). If you choose to disable the use of cookies on the website, you shall still be able to use the website although you may not be able to use some of the features and services on the website.


50. The website contains hyperlinks to other websites, including links created by advertisers on the website. These links are solely for the user’s convenience. The use of information or other content found on the electronically linked websites (from herein: “The linked websites”) requires caution and careful examination. It is clarified that Maor and/or the website management have no control or right to the content found on linked websites. Maor and/or the website management do not bear direct or indirect responsibility to a user who relies on and/or takes an action in accordance with material found on the linked websites. Do not interpret the links found on the website as a recommendation, preference, authorization or stamp of approval to use the material, contents and/or the products that appear on the linked websites. In addition, do not interpret these links as a guarantee of the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information contained in them.

51. If you find in the information on the website, or existing information on any website linked to it, material that may be seen as incorrect, illegal, immoral or not meeting user expectations, you are asked out of your own good shall to notify us about it via the  email address.

User Responsibility

52  The viewing service on the information pages protects your information via a password and identification questions. In addition, you are fully responsible for any actions you take using the services given on the website.

53. You hereby agree not to transfer or sell to any third party the use or access to your services on the website. In addition, you are hereby obligated to provide Maor with written notification of the loss or improper use of the access information given to you, or any improper use or other violation of use of the suggested services on the website and this includes another person using your password, or another violation that harms website security.

54. Maor is not responsible for damage or loss caused to you as a result of use not in accordance with these terms.

User Obligations

55. You are hereby obligated to not do the following things:

55.1    Impersonate any person or other legal entity using the services;

55.2    Load, send or broadcast any material containing any sort of computer virus, spyware, malware, or any other computer code, designed to destroy, interrupt, or limit use (and this includes any other use other than fair and reasonable use of services) on any computer, server, material and content found to be used by Maor for the purposes of providing the suggested services on the website;

55.3    Distribute spam or flood website servers with mail;

55.4    Change, process, adapt, issue a sub-license, translate, sell, reverse engineer, disassemble or reassemble any piece of code making up the website as well as the aforementioned actions regarding the hardware and software used for services;

55.5    Harm in any way the intellectual property of Maor and/or third parties within the scope of use of the website;

55.6    Place the website, or any part of it, within the scope of another website (as a frame), or as part of another website (mirror), without prior written approval by Maor.

55.7    Use a robot, worm (“spider”), retrieval engine or information search, or any automatic or manual tool designed to index, retrieve and locate information on the website or the aforesaid tools meant to expose the database structure, website contents and website code.

55.8    Interfere in any other way, or interrupt the website, and this includes interference with server activity and the computer network connected to the website or the computer network connected to it.

55.9    Plant blatant or subtle advertising in website content whether in the scope of User links, forum messages, chats, comments, or in any manner – text, link, picture, video, banners or other means.

55.10  Use any kind of software, bot etc. for solving any type of puzzle on the website or via desktop solver in an automated way. A user that will solve puzzle not in a manual correct way will be banned and account will be removed with deleting all records gained.


Limits of Responsibility

56. You hereby confirm, that you and your stead do not and shall not have any claim, demand, action or suit against Maor, its management, employees or its stead, among other things, with anything connected and relating to the games and/or their creation and/or use of the website that is for your benefit only. You hereby confirm that your obligation is irrevocable and not subject to cancelation or change. Maor, its management, employees or its stead, are not responsible for any type of problem resulting from faulty performance of services tied to service provision or due to forces independent of it such as: strikes, weather, holidays, computer communication problems, technical failures, extraordinary forces, etc. Without detracting from the aforementioned rules, in the event of a failure and/or error and/or other unforeseen event (from herein together: “Failure”), Maor shall be allowed, at its absolute sole discretion, to cancel services, change the time periods connected to the aforementioned, change any terms in these Terms of Use (by addition, subtraction or change), change the number of prizes, awards or certificates available for distribution, their nature and/or their percentage, or take any action it deems necessary. Any of the aforementioned actions shall be considered an addition to these Terms of Use that obligates you and shall not be considered to be a violation of the Terms of Use and does not entitle you to any sort of aid and/or right.

57. Maor shall not be liable for any expense, loss or indirect damage, incidental or consequential (including loss of commerce, profit, business opportunity, reputation, reduced value, etc.), that shall be caused to you and/or a third party through use of the website and/or the provision of services offered on the website and/or modifications, their suspension or cancelation.

58. Maor shall not be responsible for the correct operation of the communication network (including the ISP) and/or infrastructure necessary to operate the games on the website (including occasionally held competitions and tournaments) (from herein together: “Infrastructure and systems”), and shall not liable for any failure and/or error in the aforementioned infrastructure and systems, including but not limited to outages and/or any type of interruption in the operation of the infrastructure and systems.

59. Maor shall hereby be able to cease at any time, immediately, for any reason, at its sole absolute discretion, the operations, completely or partially, and/or change the conditions, with notification that shall be published on the website. It is agreed that the aforementioned message shall be sufficient and adequate and you hereby waive any claim concerning the cessation or change in the operating terms on the website as has been stated.

Notification and Updates

60. Messages and updates regarding service, including advertisement emails, may and shall be sent to you via email or through regular mail, to the address you provided in the registration form you filled out, or that was submitted to us in the scope of the relevant provision of service.

61. If you consented to receive advertising emails from the website, Maor shall be allowed to occasionally send information to the email you use on the website regarding its services as well as marketing and advertising information – whether it advertises the information itself or if the information you receive for delivery purposes is from other advertisers. If you are interested in not being contacted via direct mail, at any time, you may notify Maor of this and they shall act according to the instructions given to it as has been stated.

62. For the purposes of inquiry or explanation of any subject related to the website, it is possible to get in contact via the email.

General Responsibility

63. You hereby confirm that you are eligible for the provision of your obligations under these Terms of Use, including your use of services. It is clear to you that you assume full financial responsibility for all use of services, and for any of these services you were authorized to use, or through your password, or any part of your registration details allowing use of services.


64. The use of services is exclusively subject to Israeli Law and the sole jurisdiction of competent courts in the Tel Aviv – Jaffa district (Israel) and not the jurisdiction of any other court. It is your responsibility as a recipient of services that is a citizen or resident of a foreign country or located in a foreign country, to investigate and check whether the service and Terms of Use comply with the laws of the foreign country. Maor is unable to match service and Terms of Use with every single country in the world. Therefore it is clarified that you assume sole responsibility for any violation of the law of a foreign country if done as a result of using the service.

For the purposes of removing doubt, it is hereby clarified as has been stated, that Maor reserves the right to change terms and conditions that appear in these Terms of Use, at any time.


Errors and Omissions excepted