Each Theme listed below contains a series of puzzles dedicated to a certain subject.
The number in brackets shows the number of puzzles in that theme.

Arts (1186) People & Relationships (680)
Abstract and subjective quality: can be studied, but cannot be objectively measured, counted, weighed, or compared. Babies, Children, Couples and Families. Portraits of anyone and everyone, even yourself.
Cartoons and Comics (1674) Recreation (259)
Classic and contemporary, television and theatrical animation. Comic strips, comic books, web cartoons. All of your favorites. Hobbies, activities, and pastimes that are meant to make your leisure time more fun and enjoyable.
Computers & Technology (245) Science (1632)
Hardware, Robots, Telephones, Video Cameras. Electronic devices you use and have used in the past, and the energy it requires. Broadly defined to include mathematics, engineering, physics, environment, life, earth and social sciences.
Games and Toys (713) Society (1354)
Video, Board, Card and Gambling Games. Puzzles, Dolls, Teddy Bears and Children’s Toys. Human interaction, people's thoughts, speculations, and aspirations regarding the world they live in.
History and Government (1423) Sports (1013)
Major events and figures from the dawn of civilization, the Middle Ages and the twentieth century. Competitive events involving physical exertion. Included are sports that may be recreational for most people.
Home (1426) The Animal Kingdom (2568)
Home improvement, decorating, remodeling, do-it-yourself, gardening and daily life chores. Birds, insects, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. All creatures, great and small, can be found here.
Movies and Television (828) The Plant Kingdom (907)
Motion picture medium, including actors, actresses, filmmakers, and individual films and television shows. Use your "green thumbs" to enjoy a paradise of flowers, trees, veggies, fruits and other plant wonders.
Music (656) Transportation (428)
Musical instruments as well as bands and artists, composers and players, singers and DJs. Riding, driving, flying, pedaling; these are some of the forces that have changed our lives, cultures, and landscapes.