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Looking for puzzles to do on paper? The iGridd Bookstore has a large collection of books, in PDF format, to download and print. iGridd Books include the most popular Griddlers, aka Nonograms, Picross, Paint by Numbers puzzles, and the solutions.

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The paperback books are real books printed on demand by CreateSpace service. You can buy them directly via Amazon or CreateSpace.

Griddlers Logic Puzzles Vol. 1 Griddlers Logic Puzzles Vol. 1 Griddlers Logic Puzzles Vol. 2 Griddlers Logic Puzzles Vol. 1 Griddlers Logic Puzzles Vol. 2 Griddlers Logic Puzzles Vol. 1 Griddlers - Wordsearch Griddlers Logic Puzzles Vol. 1 Griddlers Logic Puzzles Vol 1. Griddlers Logic Puzzles Vol. 1 Griddlers Logic Puzzles Vol. 9


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