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Thursday, December 24, 2009
iGridd/Webstart Goodies

Especially for the holidays, Santa-Ra100 listened to your requests and spoils you with presents:

Random Puzzles:
On the right side of the Navigation Bar there is a new button: Random Puzzle. Click it to get a puzzle by surprise.
The Random Puzzle feature works for all puzzles - Griddlers, MultiGriddlers, and Triddlers.
Random Puzzle button appears on every category. It enables you to select puzzles you like, e.g.: only "B&W Small", only "Color Medium", or "All". You can also filter the list before clicking Random, e.g.: "only not solved".

Your Time:
On the List Panel the new column "Your Time" shows the time it took you to solve the puzzle(s). This column appears in single Griddlers and Triddlers.

Auto Pause Function:
If you are inactive for 10 minutes the applet automatically pauses itself. It awakens by moving the mouse over the applet.

Prompt "Save Changes":
When closing an unfinished puzzle window, the applet asks you if you want to save the changes.

Have a great holiday!


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