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Thursday, December 29, 2011
New bundles for iPad and iPhone

New bundles for iPad:

Happy Holidays:
  MultiGriddler of 100 part in color. 

  150 puzzles in color of Christmas bells and candles, trees and decorations, ornaments and presents, stockings and wreaths, Santa Claus and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

  150 puzzles in color of your favorite characters from comic strips and panels, television and theatrical animation.

  100 puzzles in color of families, babies and children, couples and elders, men and women, friendship, feelings, symbols.

  100 puzzles in color of cats and kitties, dogs and puppies, rabbits and bunnies, fish and hedgehogs, guinea pigs and sugar gliders.

Aquatic Life:
  100 puzzles in color of angelfish and clownfish, goldfish and jellyfish, dolphins and seals, sharks and whales, octopus and squids, crabs and lobsters, seahorses and starfish, conches and shells.

  100 puzzles in color of the most beautiful and colorful roses, tulips, violets, daffodils, pansies, lilies, daisies, irises, orchids, magnolias, bellflowers, carnations, cyclamens, primroses, peonies, asters and bouquet of flowers.

  100 puzzles in color of bands and artists, composers and conductors, instruments like organs and pianos, bells and drums, violins and harps, guitars and banjos, trumpets and trombones, clarinets and saxophones, accordions and harmonicas, gramophones and record.

Fantasy and Myth:
  100 puzzles in color of fantasy creatures like dragons, elves, fairies, gryphons, mermaids, phoenixes and unicorns; fairy tales creatures such as angels, demons, monsters, witches and wizards; gods and symbols from the Egyptian mythology, centaurs and pegasus from the Greek mythology, and cupids from the Roman mythology.

  100 puzzles in color of American football and archery, baseball and basketball, billiards and bowling, horse racing and auto racing, golf and gymnastics, soccer and volleyball, tennis and wrestling, swimming and skiing, skateboarding and cycling, sailing and scuba diving, medals and winners.


New bundles for iPhone:

Color 4:
  100 puzzles in color.

Color 5:
  100 puzzles in color.



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