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Saturday, June 30, 2012
Stuck on a puzzle? Get help in Solving

It happens to all of us. At some point we can't find the next step to continue with a puzzle.

If it happened to you too, make a screenshot of the puzzle to show others the exact point where you are stuck. Try to include the clues. That way people can use the image to study them.

Upload the image into the Forum Get Help in Solving with additional information, like the puzzle ID, and if it is a Multi, write the ID of the part as well as the main ID of the Multi.

Soon, some other user will show you how to continue by pointing out the next logical step or showing where you might made a mistake.

Happy Griddling!


won´t that make people lazy to think and go for the easy, quick way out? it´s rewarding to overcome your obstacles by yourself. if you can´t solve the hard tricky puzzles, there are plenty of easier puzzles to do, to train your brain to solve the harder puzzles. that´s my personal opinion...
Posted on 6/24/12 8:32 AM.
Posted on 6/24/12 6:01 PM.
I remember one puzzle (of the thousands I've solved). It wasn't high on my personal difficulty scale. I tried it about six times and couldn't find the break through. I tried it off and on for weeks before I gave up. For that particular puzzle, I might be able to learn something by having some help. I'm not lazy, and getting help on this one puzzle won't make me lazy.
So I think it is a good idea. If "lazy" folks want to overuse the priveledge, then it's OK with me.
Posted on 6/24/12 6:33 PM.
@Ana: Nothing is lazy about asking for help but probably more to do with impatience or needing to complete what one has started. In the past, I often could not see a continuing move in a puzzle, whether griddler/triddler/sudoku/etc. and I really wanted to continue that puzzle at that moment and so I asked for help. What I find so funny is I usually found the move after taking a break and after no one had replied to my answer. So this for the most part made me self-reliant. If there are people who want the easy way out, that's their choice, but they'll probably still have to solve a lot of the puzzle. Also, the most difficult nonograms I have ever solved have not been on this site and doing slightly less difficult puzzles will not necessarily train your brain as advanced techniques required to solve these more difficult puzzles are never required in the simpler ones, but this is of course my opinion too.
Posted on 6/24/12 8:46 PM.
Sorry, my previous answer did not post. When people ask for help in this forum, we don't just hand out the solution. We try to help them by explaining the technique to find the next step. That way people are able to learn new ways for solving the puzzle and can use these techniques for the next puzzles.
Most people that ask for help have been stuck with a puzzle for a long time. Nothing lazy about that. We help them because we don't want them to give up the challenge - we want them to enjoy it!
Posted on 6/25/12 2:07 PM in reply to ANA_LILI.
I think that people that are "lazy" and want a quick way out of the puzzles will not be here attempting these puzzles for very long, but rather they will move on to something else. And for those that need help, I think this is a great option. I myself have been stuck on one puzzle for a while, which I have stepped away from and return to time to time giving myself a break while I work on other puzzles to relax. I may use this feature if I get stuck again on that same puzzle.
Posted on 6/25/12 5:05 PM in reply to Jeltje.
Pilotious is on to something. A puzzle-solver is by his very nature inclined to work hard at the puzzle because the only fun to be had in puzzle-solving is finding a solution for oneself. More often than not, I'll abandon a puzzle before asking for help.
Posted on 6/26/12 1:39 AM in reply to ANA_LILI.
I agree with will Pilotious that lazy people "will not be here attempting these puzzles for very long".

And if what Jeltje said is true about "We try to help them by explaining the technique to find the next step" then I guess it can benefit the solver.

I will not use the help though, i like the feeling of knowing that every single puzzle, no matter how hard or how long it took, was solved entirely by me.
Posted on 6/27/12 10:57 AM.
I agree with everyone here!

There are some people that like some help from time to time, and there are some people that like to do every single puzzle by themselves. :-)

In addition, there are some people that like to help others, and there are some people that will skip that part of forum. :-D

Happy Griddling to everyone!!!
Posted on 6/27/12 6:29 PM in reply to ANA_LILI.
I have been one of the moderators that have been helping people from almost day one, and I still love it!! There are puzzles on this incredible site that require the most advance logic, and I am privileged to be one of those that has been able to help people develop the required logic for those puzzles. I don't think it's an easy way out of a problem at all!! emoticon There is some incredibly advanced logic required for some of these puzzles, and I have to say that the administrators and programmers of this site (now I have to mention the names of the 2 people that have made this site into what it is today, Hagit and Rasto (hagitm/Ra100)) have done everything that is possible to make this site as user/solver friendly as you can imagine emoticon

Every time someone asks for help in the forum, I try to look for the logical solution (I prefer SLS (single line solving) from MLS (multi line solving)), and that taxes my abilities sometimes to the very limit emoticon

BUT.....I also have to agree with ANA_LILI that it is extremely satisfying as well to overcome the obstacles that a puzzle provides you yourself.

All in all, I think the 'get help in solving' part of the forum is a very useful part of this incredible site, and I am very happy to be part of it!!

Posted on 7/23/12 4:50 PM.