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Friday, June 29, 2012
Finnish mathematician has concocted what he claims to be the toughest ever Sudoku

The Finnish mathematician Arto Inkala has come up with what he describes as the 'Everest' of numerical games in order to try and test the sharpest minds in the world and, presumably, leave the rest of us scratching our heads.

Generally, the brain teasers are scored on difficulty with a range from one to five, the former being the easiest and the latter the hardest. Mr Inkala feels that this particular test would come with an eleven rating.

The point that makes this particular teaser so tricky is the number of deductions needed to fill in a single number on the grid.

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I don't know if this is the toughest Sudoku or not. I clicked on the "Read more" and saw the original article. Which links the answers. So don't ask me; cause I cheated and looked. Besides I think some of the other larger Sudokus on here are way more challenging!
Posted on 6/29/12 3:24 PM.
Wow! You know it's a tough one when you take it to a Sudoku solver site, and it can't solve it until you plug in a couple of the numbers from the solution! (That's what I did just to see how tough this thing really was; and that's what happened. To the site's credit, its solution counter tool (which works by brute force, rather than strategy) found that there was only one solution. The site that I went to, BTW, is
Posted on 6/30/12 6:47 PM.
It was tough but do-able. I had to think up a new strategy.
Posted on 8/1/12 4:01 PM.