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Thursday, December 6, 2012
New Applet for Triddlers

Why the Change?
Technologies move forward. New browsers require new applications. We decide that now is the time for us to answer the advanced needs and create a new applet for Triddlers.

The Benefits for Everyone
The new applet is graphically better: the fonts of the clues are clearer, the contrast between the clues and the background color is better.

The new applet provides more tools, as follows:

  • You can check out clues and mark O and X on the grid.
    For example:
    Shift+Left-Click - places a "o" on the clues and/or the grid area.

    Ctrl+Left-Click - removes the "o".

    Drag+Shift/Ctrl Left-Click - places/removes several "o"s.

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  • There are a lot of shortcut keys to use, like Ctrl-S for saving, Ctrl-P for pausing and more.
  • When closing the puzzle window the system asks you whether you want to save, so you won't lose your work.
  • If you want to know the author better, get more info about them or send them a message - click on the name of the author in the applet.

The Benefits for Subscribers
All the benefits provided to the subscribers by the iGridd Applet and Webstart are available in the new applet, like:

  • Save up to 50 puzzles online.
  • Save locally an unlimited number of puzzles and solve them offline.
  • Printing puzzles to solve on paper.
  • Change the color of the grid, grid5, and guides.
  • Change the color of the Solving Area grid.
  • Zoom in/out a solved triddler.
  • Have the applet paused automatically if it is idle for 10 minutes.

Saving Records
Puzzles you saved via the old applet can be solved only by the old applet. During the next 6 weeks the puzzles that you saved via the old applet will be available for you to complete under the tab Old Save. Once you finish solving those records the tab Old Save will be gone.
Please take care of your saving records as soon as possible and don't postpone it to later. One day the old applet will no longer be useful.

How to Use
A detailed manual of the new applet is available in HERE. You can also open it via the menu: Help --> Triddlers --> How to Use
Please take the time to read it, not only to know the new applet better but to make sure you don't miss any cool feature.




nice! it will be great to mark clues, specially for those puzzles with long list of clues and lots of 1s and 2s.
i will miss the graph of percentages. now it only shows the average, but it is not clear how the votes were distributed. now you can only see the zeros of your own puzzles, in the statistics page.
congratulations griddlers team! thanks for the effort of improving the way we solve puzzles.
Posted on 12/7/12 7:31 AM.
I just tried to open two of my old saved puzzles, and it appears they opened with the new applet. Also - none of my saved progress was visible. I can't find how to open them with the old applet in order to finish them. What do I need to do?
Posted on 12/7/12 7:51 PM.
Never mind - I think I've got it figured out.
Posted on 12/7/12 7:54 PM.
Just for those who did not figure out how - there is new tab on main Triddlers page named Old saved.
Posted on 12/7/12 7:58 PM in reply to proskairos.
Perfect! *beeingVeryHappy*
Next week, I am on vacation at home. Therefore, I will be able to "test" it in details. :-)
Posted on 12/7/12 11:48 PM.
I love it, but there seems to be a bug where my time isn't shown after solving it until after I refresh the page (or go back to it after leaving it).
Posted on 12/8/12 11:58 PM.
Also, Drag+Shift/Ctrl Left-Click only seems to place the o's. It doesn't remove any that are there, even when starting the drag on an o.
Posted on 12/9/12 12:00 AM.
Nobody's mentioned my favourite of the changes yet: the pause button. Hurrah for the pause button! The marking with little os and Ys is also a great feature.

By the way, I clicked on "watch comments" and it now says "stop watching comments", but I can't see anywhere that tells me when there are new comments - where should I be checking?
Posted on 12/10/12 11:42 AM.
You should get the comments sent to you once people submit a new comment. Did you get mine?
Posted on 12/10/12 4:52 PM in reply to susanreads.
No, the only thing in my message box is one about a riddle from weeks ago.
Posted on 12/11/12 5:10 PM in reply to hagitm.
Well, it used to work but looks like it stopped working. We will relate to it after we complete the Griddlers New Applet release.
Posted on 12/12/12 7:40 PM in reply to susanreads.
Scratch my previous reply. It works well. New comments submitted are sent to your email. Maybe your email is not valid anymore. Check it and try again.
Posted on 12/12/12 7:59 PM.
I hoped there'd be somewhere on the site that I could check, to get the new comments all in one place. Oh well, let's try email: I've
- said Yes to "Send messages to my email"
- said Yes to "Send comments to my email (for puzzles authors only)" although I'm not a puzzle author
- changed it to my Gmail in case the forwarding address is having problems
- waited for someone else to comment in case it doesn't bother sending me my own comments
- checked my spam folder ...
Still no dice. Maybe it's only for subscribers?

(I like the new applets by the way)
Posted on 12/14/12 12:27 PM in reply to hagitm.
Look at the top of this page. There is the text "Add to Watchlist". Click it and you'll get the comments.Also, look below the word "comments" right after the news. There is the text "Watch comments of this News Item". Click this one too. I don't remember which of the two does the job.
Posted on 12/15/12 6:42 PM in reply to susanreads.
I'd already selected "Watch comments" at the start of this experiment. I clicked "Add to Watchlist" and it seems to have been turned on for all the news items; the "Send news to my email" option on my profile has been set. There's been a new news item since then and I still didn't get anything, so I was just thinking that Gmail was rejecting emails from here without giving me a chance to tell it that they're not spam (I know some email clients reject emails from my social network because there are too many), when I got an email! But it's a message, which is also in my message box so I don't need it in email. The only other thing I can think of is that the Watch Comments function only works for subscribers.
Posted on 12/17/12 11:39 AM in reply to hagitm.