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Sunday, December 9, 2012
New Applet for Griddlers - Updated

New and Old Applets
On December 9th we installed a new applet to solve Griddlers. The old applet is based on old technologies and we can't support it anymore. Every day more users have problems with Java updates that made it impossible for them to solve puzzles.

  While you get used to the new applet, the old one is available as well. At the top of every puzzle you can now see the line: Show Old Applet. Click it to have the puzzle in the old applet format.

However, keep in mind that the old applet will stop working one day because it is based on old technologies. We can't support it anymore, we can't add new features to it, we won't be able to help you when the next Java version will be released and things will stop working. Therefore, we advise you to try the new applet and learn about the all the features it has.

Tell us what you would like to have in the new applet, in which ways you still miss the old one and we will try to change it according to your wishes. Use the forum to discuss this and find out what's possible.

The first new feature we added is based on to your requests (Gravedigger's request to be precise): in the view tab for multigriddlers double-click on a part of a multi to open the puzzle. Let us know what else you would like!

What is new in the New Applet?
The following features are available to everyone - subscribers or not:

  • You can change the color of the Solving Area by double-clicking on the number [ 0 ] in the Palette Panel. You can select any color, not just gray.
  • You can add a pattern of question marks to the solving area. Go to View and select Show Pattern (Ctrl-Q).
  • You have three modes of drawing: Free, Line, Area.
  • You can toggle between the drawing modes by using the space bar.
  • You have 3 (instead of 2) options to check out clues and/or mark O, X, and OX on the grid.
    For example:
    Shift+Left-Click - places a "O" on the clues and/or the grid area.
    Shift+Right-Click - places a "X" on the clues and/or the grid area.
    You can also place "O" and "X" together on one clue or cell and get a 3rd option to mark your clues or cells on the grid. View More
  • There are a lot of shortcut keys to use, like Ctrl-S for saving, Ctrl-P for pausing, Ctrl-H for hiding the MCR, and more.
  • When closing the puzzle window the system asks whether you want to save, so you won't lose your work.
  • The new applet provides more info about every MultiGriddler: Total time of solving the whole MultiGriddlers.
    Total number of users who solved all the parts.
  • You can zoom in/out a whole MultiGriddlers.
  • If you want to know the author better, get more info about them or send them a message - click on the name of the author in the applet.

The Benefits for Subscribers
All the benefits provided to the subscribers by the iGridd Applet and Webstart are available in the new applet, like:

  • Save up to 50 puzzles online.
  • Save locally an unlimited number of puzzles and solve them offline.
  • Printing puzzles to solve on paper.
  • Use a Locked Clues feature.
  • Use a Square Counter.
  • Use Ctrl-Y to redo 1 to 1000 undo steps.
  • Have two kinds of Guides.
  • Have the applet paused automatically if it is idle for 10 minutes.

Saving Records

Puzzles you saved via the old applet can be solved only by the old applet. They are stored in the tab Old Save.

Signed and Unsigned Applets
The reason we added a certificate to sign is the wide tools we can provide. Unfortunately the text you see is not ours. It comes automatically with the certificate. In other words - we don't need to know what cameras or microphones you have. We have no use for it.
We are trying now to create two applets - one without a certificate and another one with a certificate to sign. The unsigned applet will have less tools and the signed one will provide everything that you have now and more in the future.

How to Use
A detailed manual of the new applet is available in HERE. Please take the time to read it, not only to know the new applet better but to make sure you don't miss any cool feature.



Masz rację.Koszmarna grafika.Dawny wygląd był o niebo lepszy.Poroniony pomysł
Posted on 12/9/12 8:26 PM in reply to JustynaSOSNA.
Can we please get the option to choose between old and new interface?
Saving games does not work very well and I definately don't like the fact that the new java app wants full access to my pc.
Posted on 12/9/12 8:31 PM.
Nie, nie, nie! Proszę nie psuć najlepszej (do dzisiaj) internetowej strony z obrazkami malowanymi liczbami. Proszę o przeczytanie komentarzy - chyba wogóle nie ma użytkowników zadowolonych ze zmian .
Posted on 12/9/12 8:55 PM.
Zgadzam sie z Tobą. Ja chyba też przestnę rozwiązywać obrazki.
Posted on 12/9/12 8:58 PM in reply to JustynaSOSNA.
Zgadzam sie z Tobą. Ja chyba też przestnę rozwiązywać obrazki.
Posted on 12/9/12 8:58 PM in reply to JustynaSOSNA.
Please change it back. This is really difficult to use! It really puts me off doing any more Griddlers, and I love doing them! Please can we have the old format.
Posted on 12/9/12 10:18 PM in reply to Ra100.
I tried to use the new applet when it first came out. With it's colors, It took too much effort just to SEE it. It was impossible to concentrate on solving.

I understand that things change. I gave it a good effort in the beginning and again today. I'm positive I will spend my time more productively in the future.

The one bright spot for me? My yearly subscription is up in just another month!
Posted on 12/9/12 10:54 PM.
I don't like it, is it chance to use older one?
Posted on 12/9/12 10:55 PM.
The new app is really bad. I'd like to go back to the previous one. I agree with the comments below. The fact that the Alt key doesn't work is a real bummer. This is not progress.
Posted on 12/9/12 11:12 PM.
I'm afraid I agree - I don't like it at all. I find it harder to see and the fonts aren't as crisp as they were. But in a way I'm grateful - I've wasted far too much time doing griddlers over the years so at least this a way to wean myself off them!
Posted on 12/9/12 11:34 PM.
so -- does this mean that I cannot use the site unless I subscribe now? It has been a blast, but today, nothing loads.......
Posted on 12/10/12 12:04 AM.
So for years I have wasted hours on Griddlers very happily, now you are giving me a very good reason to never play them again with this new layout. I can't read the clues, differentiate between whites and grey as most other people on here! I also don't like having to give access to a programme I know nothing about. There is no point in straining my eyes trying to do puzzles which used to be relaxing! Please bring the old layout back. Please!!!!!
Posted on 12/10/12 12:15 AM.
A mi tampoco me gusta nada de nada... es un paso atras respecto a la versión anterior
Posted on 12/10/12 1:57 AM.
I agree with everyone else. I actually asked my husband to come look at my computer and figure out what was wrong with it! Not to mention that I had to refresh the page about 3 times because it kept saying Navigation canceled in the Java portion. This new update is awful. The font and the plain gray background hurt my eyes and I'm young! PLEASE switch it back. Don't fix what's not broken!!
Posted on 12/10/12 2:10 AM.
Respectully to all who work on this site, I'm afraid I have to agree with all the negative posters. I love this site, but suddenly I too am having trouble distinguishing, thanks to the grey background. It takes a lot of effort to see where the clues go and I'm finding it's taking over double the usual time to solve each piece. Is there any way to allow users to keep using the "old but reliable" interface? And more importantly, when I allowed my computer to accept these changes to your "new and improved" interface, I GOT TWO TROJAN/VIRUSES that my virus program caught (fortunately.) I was certainly not happy about getting viruses from this.
Posted on 12/10/12 2:26 AM.
Not a good change at all. I never use x's and o's anyway, so the new "xo" feature is worthless to me. The background color is awful - and it hurts my eyes too, just like the others said. The thing I am going to miss most is the alt-drag option to fill in multiple blocks (and rows) at one time with the same color. I don't think it will be fun doing big black and white puzzles anymore - it will be too tedius to go through one row and mark it, never mind multiple rows. Unless there was a good reason to change to this new format, I would love to see you revert to the old one. I hate to sound ungrateful (since this site has provided me YEARS of puzzle solving for free), but I feel the need to voice my opnion. emoticon
Posted on 12/10/12 3:58 AM.
I like the new applet! It takes some getting used to, but I like being able to lock the clues.
Posted on 12/10/12 4:44 AM.
I completely agree. Losing this functionality is the worst part about this 'update.' Like everyone else, I feel this is a MAJOR step backward. Even though I've been a regular user and long-time fan of this site, the new interface so interferes with solving that I don't think I'll enjoy solving puzzles here anymore. Such a shame! Please go back!
Posted on 12/10/12 5:03 AM in reply to firemage13.
This change is not very nice graphics (white color blends with the gray , it is also difficult to open a saved puzzle digits in the auxiliary column and row are great and the puzzles are smaller numbers , ... ) I'm already an older man , ill see this change and I'm disappointed . Thank you for the opportunity to solve the puzzle in the original graphics and please keep the original graphics have stayed forever. thank you
Posted on 12/10/12 7:42 AM.
Sorry guys, it´s awful! Really.
I miss the old layout.

Posted on 12/10/12 7:43 AM.
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