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Sunday, December 9, 2012
New Applet for Griddlers - Updated

New and Old Applets
On December 9th we installed a new applet to solve Griddlers. The old applet is based on old technologies and we can't support it anymore. Every day more users have problems with Java updates that made it impossible for them to solve puzzles.

  While you get used to the new applet, the old one is available as well. At the top of every puzzle you can now see the line: Show Old Applet. Click it to have the puzzle in the old applet format.

However, keep in mind that the old applet will stop working one day because it is based on old technologies. We can't support it anymore, we can't add new features to it, we won't be able to help you when the next Java version will be released and things will stop working. Therefore, we advise you to try the new applet and learn about the all the features it has.

Tell us what you would like to have in the new applet, in which ways you still miss the old one and we will try to change it according to your wishes. Use the forum to discuss this and find out what's possible.

The first new feature we added is based on to your requests (Gravedigger's request to be precise): in the view tab for multigriddlers double-click on a part of a multi to open the puzzle. Let us know what else you would like!

What is new in the New Applet?
The following features are available to everyone - subscribers or not:

  • You can change the color of the Solving Area by double-clicking on the number [ 0 ] in the Palette Panel. You can select any color, not just gray.
  • You can add a pattern of question marks to the solving area. Go to View and select Show Pattern (Ctrl-Q).
  • You have three modes of drawing: Free, Line, Area.
  • You can toggle between the drawing modes by using the space bar.
  • You have 3 (instead of 2) options to check out clues and/or mark O, X, and OX on the grid.
    For example:
    Shift+Left-Click - places a "O" on the clues and/or the grid area.
    Shift+Right-Click - places a "X" on the clues and/or the grid area.
    You can also place "O" and "X" together on one clue or cell and get a 3rd option to mark your clues or cells on the grid. View More
  • There are a lot of shortcut keys to use, like Ctrl-S for saving, Ctrl-P for pausing, Ctrl-H for hiding the MCR, and more.
  • When closing the puzzle window the system asks whether you want to save, so you won't lose your work.
  • The new applet provides more info about every MultiGriddler: Total time of solving the whole MultiGriddlers.
    Total number of users who solved all the parts.
  • You can zoom in/out a whole MultiGriddlers.
  • If you want to know the author better, get more info about them or send them a message - click on the name of the author in the applet.

The Benefits for Subscribers
All the benefits provided to the subscribers by the iGridd Applet and Webstart are available in the new applet, like:

  • Save up to 50 puzzles online.
  • Save locally an unlimited number of puzzles and solve them offline.
  • Printing puzzles to solve on paper.
  • Use a Locked Clues feature.
  • Use a Square Counter.
  • Use Ctrl-Y to redo 1 to 1000 undo steps.
  • Have two kinds of Guides.
  • Have the applet paused automatically if it is idle for 10 minutes.

Saving Records

Puzzles you saved via the old applet can be solved only by the old applet. They are stored in the tab Old Save.

Signed and Unsigned Applets
The reason we added a certificate to sign is the wide tools we can provide. Unfortunately the text you see is not ours. It comes automatically with the certificate. In other words - we don't need to know what cameras or microphones you have. We have no use for it.
We are trying now to create two applets - one without a certificate and another one with a certificate to sign. The unsigned applet will have less tools and the signed one will provide everything that you have now and more in the future.

How to Use
A detailed manual of the new applet is available in HERE. Please take the time to read it, not only to know the new applet better but to make sure you don't miss any cool feature.



P.S. The new feature of a pop up window to save your puzzle when you close is super. I've lost a few hard to work puzzles because I forgot to save them. This reminder is really nice.
Posted on 12/14/12 3:44 PM.
Yes, I completely agree with you, sjmuse!
I also was shocked first, but after using the new applet for some days I like it very much. The things that disturbed me (and many others) could be removed by reading the How To Use page and by playing with the new functions and trying the possibilities. Now I begin to love it.

Thanks to the griddler team for the new applet and also for your quick and helpful reaction to all the complaints and wishes and for changing some details within few days .....
You are doing a good job! DonĀ“t get frustrated by all the negative comments!
Posted on 12/20/12 3:49 PM in reply to sjmuse.
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