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Sunday, December 16, 2012
Upgraded Applet - Updated Progress Report

Updated Progress Report (December 16)
All the hotkeys are functional now:
Ctrl-S - Save.
Ctrl-Shift-S - Save Locally (available to subscribers).
Ctrl-Z - Undo.
Ctrl-Y - Redo (available to subscribers).
Ctrl-P - Pause.
Ctrl-L - Lockup Clues (available to subscribers).
Ctrl-H - Hide MCR.
Ctrl-Q - Show Pattern.
+ (plus) - Zoom In.
- (minus) - ZoomOut.
Numbers (0, 1, 2... & Shift-0, Shift-1, Shift-2...) - Change clue colors for left-right mouse-click.

Subscribers who use Webstart or iGridd applet may need to uninstall and reinstall iGridd. Look below to know how to do it.

Progress Report (December 15)
So far there is only one bug left to be fixed - make the hotkeys (Ctrl-S, Ctrl-Z, Crtrl-Y, etc) functional.
Since we are running the G-Match now we cannot fix it until the tournament it over. It may take several hours, therefore we want to ask you again to be patient. It will be fixed, of course.

As for the puzzles you solved but can't see as solved via the applet:
The next time you get into the applet an alert pops up: "Processing Data". It restores your solving data. Let it work until the process is complete. The applet will be open right after.

If you still can't see your solving records try the following:

  • Uninstall and reinstall iGridd applet and/or Webstart.
    Go to Control Panel and doubleclick on the Java icon.
    Select "General" and click on the button View at the bottom, where Temporary Internet Files section is.
    Click on the iGridd icon and select Delete Application from Show.
    Close all windows and download WebStart again.
  • Uninstall and reinstall Java.
  • If you use Windows XP - delete the following directory from your computer:
    "C:\Documents and Settings\ < user > \Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment"
    (< user > is your name on the computer).
    Restart your computer and download WebStart.

New Applet (December 12)
Today we deployed a new applet with numerous fixes according to your reportings and requests.

We want to ask the users who had troubles in loading the new applet to try it again. If you still have troubles, please let us know via the forum Upgraded new Applet. Try to supply as many details as possible, and if necessary - add a screenshot.

Restore solving Records
iGridd and Webstart users who don't see their solving records correctly should do the following:

Go to the last panel and reply YES to the question "Do you want to clear the Solving Record Cache?"
The procedure may take some time. Please be patient while the system restore your solving records.

Thanks for you patience!


Taking so getting us to, but I think it has some good features. Sometimes change takes time to get use too.... None the less LOVE the site emoticon
Posted on 12/12/12 6:19 PM.
Also just a quick question,.... The Alt key and dragging would fill on the old, how do you do that on the new?
Posted on 12/12/12 6:22 PM in reply to kberry3.
Look at the "Area" button on the toolbar. You can switch it by "space".
Posted on 12/12/12 6:39 PM in reply to kberry3.
On the top bar there are options "Free", "Line" and "Area". If you choose the last of those, you'll be able to draw rectangles without even bothering to drag Alt!
Right, technically that would require switching back and forth etc., but I've found Area setting to be the most practical in most cases, anyway. ^^'
Posted on 12/12/12 6:40 PM in reply to kberry3.
Love the new area button! Cuts time down considerably.
Posted on 12/12/12 7:49 PM.
Clicking on Upgrade Applet brings me right back to this page ??????
Posted on 12/12/12 9:49 PM.
I also love the new Area button! I don't know whether that's something that wasn't available as a non-subscriber or I just didn't know how to do it, but it'll save a lot of time on some puzzles.
Posted on 12/12/12 10:11 PM.
I'm using the new applet. First with easy designs (because I don't see the things the same way I used to do). I'm sorry for my words last Sunday. I thought I could never play here anymore.
The new applet will be difficult to me (I have being playing the old way during four years and a half!!!, almost daily!!!!), but I'll try to do my best with the new one. The possibility of change the colours make easier the process (on Sunday I couldn't do it, or I didn't know how to do it).
Now I see to BIG the number clues. And the 5 x 5 lines are to big too. Is there any form to change this settings?
Thanks, and sorry for my English.
Posted on 12/12/12 10:34 PM.
My list if unsolved new puzzles now has lots of puzzles I already solved. Huh?
Posted on 12/13/12 1:17 AM.
Mine too.

And if you click show only solved puzzles it doesn't show any puzzles solved, even the one I did earlier on the new applet.

And even though it shows the multi's I finished shaded as finished it doesn't show that I've solved the individual parts.
Posted on 12/13/12 2:31 AM in reply to ruthiss.
This is working for me. It will be a bit of an adjustment to the new, but at least this works.

Will there be a new version for Triddlers, too? I can't get that one to come up.
Posted on 12/13/12 4:33 AM.
There is already a new version for triddlers online. It was launched about 10 days ago.
Posted on 12/13/12 7:59 AM in reply to dustbunnyrob.
Yep, and I can't get it to work. Just like I couldn't get the Griddlers one to work untl this newer version. My question was, will there be another version that I can actually get to come up, not just send me to a page to update Java?
Posted on 12/13/12 8:25 AM in reply to hagitm.
Check your message box for further assistance.
Posted on 12/13/12 9:05 AM in reply to dustbunnyrob.
J'ai bien suivi la marche à suivre mais je n'ai pas récupéré aucun des griddlers déjà faits, pour les multigriddlers, j'ai la liste des puzzles faits mais ils n'ont pas été sauvegardés, il n'y a que les triddlers qui n'ont pas été affecté par cette mise à jour. J'aimerais récupéré tous les puzzles que j'ai déjà réalisés et les parties des multis que j'avais déjà réalisés. Pensez-vous que cela soit possible. D'avance, je vous en remercie ariane4500
Posted on 12/13/12 10:25 AM.
When I go to My Account, the drop down menu is different from what's shown in the "restore solving records" info. Has statistics, friends, books, but no about or reset all. Need more help please.
Posted on 12/13/12 6:51 PM.
If I understand correctly, after recovering your puzzles there are still some parts of multis that you don't see as solved. If so, please send to griddlers_team a message with the puzzle's IDs that are still not registered as solved and we will look into it.
Posted on 12/14/12 12:45 AM in reply to ariane4500.
Kudos Team Griddlers.

By the time I got logged into the applet this morning the bug had already been fixed.

You guys are the greatest!
Posted on 12/14/12 3:05 AM in reply to momb.
I can't seem to access the new applet - is it down?
Posted on 12/16/12 12:29 AM in reply to momb.
Go to griddles:
Log into the site and then go through the menu:
Puzzles --> Griddlers
Everything is accessible as before.
Posted on 12/16/12 7:24 AM in reply to lilatmsu.
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