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Tuesday, December 18, 2012
New Applet - Attending to your Requests

If the website is busy or if your connection to the internet is not stable, we added the option Retry to enable you to send the score again and again.

MultiGriddlers --> View
Parts of multis are separated by lines. After solving a part the lines around those parts are gone now. The final picture if merged and only has a frame around the whole image.

Single Griddlers
The final image is now framed with a thin line. It was done for those who don't see much of a difference between the color of the applet and puzzles with white background.

Darker color for the Vote button
It is now easier to distinguish between the Vote (action) button and the values of the votes. For the sake of our authors we hope it'll encourage solvers to add their votes.

Don't see the changes?
Webstarts users who don't see the changes may need to uninstall and reinstall the applet.
Online iGridd applet may need to Restore their solving Records.

Have your own Suggestion?
Share your thoughts and ideas in the iGridd Applet - Suggestion Box forum.

Don't forget to send your own Holiday Greetings!



I thought somebody would have commented by now! Are the commentariat all offline for the holidays?

For the last few days I've been using the iGridd applet, which is great in several ways, including the Unsolved filter; but it seems I have to restore my solving records every time I load it (except for Triddlers, for some reason). All the griddlers I solved in the last year-and-a-half in the old browser applet keep coming back, even the ones I also solved (before I noticed) in iGridd. Is this a known problem? I thought I'd just have to reset it once.

(If anyone replies, I can find out whether "Subscribe Me" works for me, which "Watch comments" doesn't. It can't be my email's fault, because I got the message about the Christmas present.)
Posted on 12/22/12 11:29 AM.
I am having major problems loading the site...tonight it is loading , but the new updates will not load at all...Have to switch to old applet to do any...Anyone know how to fix this or is it a problems all are having?
Posted on 12/23/12 3:40 AM.
Same problem I am having - and have had intermittenly over the last few days - the new applet is not loading at all, despite refreshing the page many times. Guess it's time to log off for now and get my Christmas present wrapping finished up instead!
Posted on 12/23/12 4:40 AM in reply to kberry3.
We had some troubles earlier today. Everything is back to normal now.
Posted on 12/23/12 7:49 AM in reply to gladgal.
Can you please change the font? its much more fiddely than the old one,my eyes water. so a more readable font
Posted on 12/23/12 9:57 PM.
Even though I save often, the new online applet freezes at random times, so I have to repeat every thing I have just completed. I am so frustrated now because it froze on the very last square to complete the puzzle! Now, of course, the entire puzzle will not reload, nor will any in the new applet. Others will load as quickly always in the Old Applet. This has been a problem for several days.

I didn't like the new applet at first, but it has grown on me and now I prefer it, but to have to click on the Details tab every time to view times and info is very annoying! In the View tab, details about any part that you select should show - it did on the old applet. As it is, only the "first" section details of every MultiGriddler is shown permanently.
Posted on 12/24/12 3:18 AM.
Same here, I have to clear the solved cache every time I reload the applet.
Posted on 12/24/12 5:49 PM.
Each time I start the Igridd App I still have to refresh. This is getting to me.
What is the fix?
Posted on 12/24/12 8:30 PM.
Both the applet and the webstart are freezing on me. It's very frustrating.
Posted on 12/25/12 3:23 AM.
I am having the exact same problem and it is very annoying to have the applet freeze all the time. Seems to happen most often on the last square to solve the puzzle. I try to remember to save constantly but forget. This plus Java issues have created a less than optimal experience.
Posted on 12/27/12 5:22 PM in reply to TLT.
Is there a fix in the works? Understanding it is a holiday week, but this is my stress relief lol....Can we get a fix soon PLEASE!!!!
Posted on 12/27/12 5:54 PM.
I like the new applet, took a little adjustment period, but I certainly like it now.
However, when the new applet first went online I could see the vote button.
Now I don't have a vote button...
Any ideas why?
Posted on 12/27/12 7:43 PM.
Applet also freezing on me .....................then I reload........................then I have to clear the solving cache.............again.........then the applet freezes...................
Posted on 12/28/12 12:51 PM.
The only problem I have is with iGridd, I have to clean the solving records cache everytime I open the applet, otherwise it doesn't see my solved puzzles as solved. I have a new laptop, so I installed everything from the scratch (I remember re-installing Java and cleaning/deleting some files was given as a possible solution) but it didn't help much. Any ideas how to get rid of those solved puzzles in my unsolved category?
Posted on 12/28/12 1:28 PM.
Please visit the news "New Applet Online":­/10185/5499135
Phenomenons you describe here were taken care of.
Posted on 12/29/12 9:47 AM in reply to Melizabeth.