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Thursday, December 27, 2012
New Applet Online

There is a new applet online. In this applet we made the following changes:

  • There are better fonts.
  • There will be no need to restore the solving records every time you open the applet.
  • Stressed times were taken care of in order to enable smooth solving and avoid being stuck.

We really hope that everyone will enjoy the new applet with the changes mentioned above. If you still don't, the first thing you need to do is to clear the cache and delete history, to make sure you use the new version. In case you are using webstart, uninstall the application from Java console and install new version from the website.

Thanks for you patience!


Stalled at loading. Is this my problem or yours?
Posted on 12/30/12 3:50 AM.
Posted on 12/30/12 5:15 AM.
Actually yours, not ours. Try to clear cache and delete history.
Posted on 12/30/12 8:26 AM in reply to kberry3.
My puzzle history is back. Thank you. I am using IE9.
Posted on 12/30/12 4:20 PM.
I'm having a lot of trouble with the grid just disappearing. I'm having to keep saving, and even then sometimes crashes. Also slow to extend the size the grid. And the picture in "view" window is too small and not as sharp as in the old applet. In multigriddlers I like to select random squares, but difficult to do in new.
Posted on 1/2/13 10:29 PM.
Thanks for fixing the solving records problem. Happy New Year!

Is anybody else having trouble saving lists? The ones I saved in December are still there, but whatever I try to save from New Year onwards doesn't appear the next time I open iGridd. I deleted one I don't need any more as an experiment and it stayed gone, but I still can't save new ones (I've only got about 3 saved).

If it's a new bug connected with solving that other one, I prefer it this way round emoticon

(I'll have to remember to come back and look for answers, because the "Subscribe Me" thing doesn't work for me. Is it only for paid subscribers?)
Posted on 1/5/13 1:34 PM.
It's Add to Watchlist, not Subscriber me, and it is for everyone, not just for subscribers. If you selected Add to Watchlist and still don't get the comments under the news - check your spam folder. Maybe your email program rejects the comments sent by website, or maybe your email provider rejects them.

The lists not being kept after saving - yes, a bug. Not something that was done on purpose. It'll be fixed.
Posted on 1/5/13 1:51 PM in reply to susanreads.
Thanks for your reply.

I've tried to add several news posts to my watchlist recently, but it hasn't worked. I turned everything on (all the check-boxes in my profile), and all I got in my email is a message on 16/12/2012 from I checked my spam folder and there was one thing in it (which also isn't spam), but it's not from here. I've just added your server to my contacts in the hope that it's Gmail that's blocking it without telling me, and that making it a contact will mean messages get through.
Posted on 1/5/13 3:11 PM in reply to griddlers_team.
The new Triddlers applet is great!!! I love the new lines in the grid. I couldn't do most Triddlers before because there weren't lines to show where I was putting a mark.

However, I HATE the new Griddlers applet. The numbers are far too small and so are the grids. The numbers are also on a background that makes them even more difficult to see. Please change your mind about switching to this applet exclusively on January 17. I will use the old applet until I am forced to make the change.
Posted on 1/7/13 5:07 AM.
ecampbel - you wrote: Please change your mind about switching to this applet exclusively on January 17.

I reply: Read again the message sent to you. We never said we would switch applets on January 17 or on any other date.
Posted on 1/7/13 8:14 AM in reply to ecampbel.
aha, i have exactly the same problem.
Posted on 1/7/13 7:24 PM in reply to susanreads.
if i save a list it's gone the next time i open igridd.
Posted on 1/7/13 7:28 PM in reply to josee.
josee, the list problem is fixed. Close the applet, reopen it and try to save a new list. This time the site will remember to sage the new list.
Sorry for the temporary glitch.
Posted on 1/8/13 9:23 AM in reply to josee.