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Monday, January 14, 2013
Java security Vulnerability - Updated


Since January 14th there is fixed version of Java from Oracle available for download. The troubles mentioned below have been taken care of. You can read more about it in HERE.

When updating the Java version you'll get a warning window, as follows:

Click on Run, check Do not show this again for this app and you are back to solving griddlers.


You may have read some warnings or get blocked your Java plugin because of the 0-day exploit. All our applets run on Java, so most probably you were affected. But we have some suggestions to stay safe.

What are the risks of 0-day exploit?
Some websites can deliver and run malicious software on your computer. Therefore Apple and Mozilla decided to automatically block the Java plugin until Oracle releases a fixed version of Java. Also, some security advisors suggested to turn off or uninstall Java completely.

Is it really necessary to kill the Java completely?
In fact - no. The malicious software can come to your computer only from infected websites. Those sites are usually with content that is "not completely legal" or sites in which users can upload any content, including Java applets. is a safe site if only because the griddlers_team are solely allowed to upload Java applets. The other content uploaded by users is only data - images and texts - not programs.

How to stay Safe?
If you want to be safe, follow all the security advices and still use - do this:
Turn Java plugin off for all sites
Turn it on only for safe websites, such as

Use Antivirus
A good advice is to use an antivirus software. For instance, NOD32 from Eset already blocks malware exploiting 0-day security bug. Read more about it in HERE.



Without uninstalling Java completely, I think I understand how to turn it off temporarily via the control panel. But could you please advise the safest way to turn it on again for this website ONLY? How dangerous is it as stands?
Posted on 1/13/13 1:09 AM.
Have now successfully disabled Java for all my browsers, but hope you'll be able to suggest a way to use it for this website only, and if you can guarantee complete safety if I do so? If not, I'm afraid I'll just have to go cold turkey from all Griddlers....sob...
Posted on 1/13/13 2:39 AM.
Java disappeared from my Firefox. So, I figured I'd try Chrome, which is supposedly still using Java. It says it installs, but according to iGridd, it's not there. No Griddlers for me. emoticon

Very sad...
Posted on 1/13/13 3:41 AM.
Close your Firefox and update the browser. If it doesn't update automatically, go to
After the update go to a puzzle. Instead of the puzzle you'll see a "black" screen with a warning - because of Java vulnerability the plugin is disabled. Below it there will be a link to update the plugin. Click it and you are back to solving puzzles.

Those who asked if we can guarantee safety for griddlers. The short answer is yes. The long one is - don't trust us, trust Firefox.

Those who updated Firefox and still can't use griddlers - please try again. You are probably just too anxious and did something wrong, like failed to update.

Good luck!
Posted on 1/13/13 4:38 AM in reply to glllop.
I am safe since I have an antivirus program that was supplied by my ISP
Posted on 1/13/13 5:03 AM.
It is a safe one and a good one.
Posted on 1/13/13 5:04 AM in reply to scotsmanslady.
My problem started because I updated Firefox. When I had finished that, I checked my plugins and addons and it said Java needed to be updated. I did the update. It said it was successful, but in reality there was no Java on my list anymore. I did a further reboot, and tried again. Same problem. I followed your instructions and that just takes me through the same installation procedures, which, again, say they've been successful, but don't actually give me operable Java.

The same thing has happened with Chrome. No Java. No Griddlers or Triddlers. Very sad. emoticon

I can always knit...
Posted on 1/13/13 5:41 AM in reply to griddlers_team.
I just discovered knitting myself, glllop. I become an expert in creating small animals. I learned that it takes more time to do an elephant than to have a whole huge/long/big blanket.

But that's not important now.

I'll try to find a unique solution for you and for a few others that did the update and still can't solve puzzles. Don't give up on us that easily.
Posted on 1/13/13 7:43 AM in reply to glllop.
glllop, try to use Webstart. Webstart enables you to solve puzzles without the need for a browser. You can download Webstart from here:

Let us know if it solved the problem.
Posted on 1/13/13 7:49 AM in reply to glllop.
One more solution for you, glllop. You said that upgrading FF stopped you from solving. I found a link to go back to previous FF versions. Look here:
The recent version is 19. In the website above you can have version 18, 17, 16.
Posted on 1/13/13 8:03 AM in reply to hagitm.
ok but what with T-Match? It's all postpone or one-two rounds only?
Posted on 1/13/13 9:59 AM.
For people having problems with Firefox: I've got version 18 and the latest Java (according to the "Check your plugins" in Add-ons Manager), and I get the click-on-the-warning effect described by griddlers_team in the comment at 4:38 (at least I did last night, I haven't used it yet this morning).

I hope there's a new version of Java, or failing that a way to whitelist, before the rescheduled T-match!
Posted on 1/13/13 11:18 AM.
When you activate the plugin, notice a small icon to the left of the address bar, where is. Click it and select "Always activate Java for this site". It'll save you the extra click you need to do when opening a puzzle.

More details here:­always-activate-java-for-a-site
Posted on 1/13/13 1:10 PM in reply to griddlers_team.
Although I still have Java installed (Standard Edition, version 7, update 10), I have unchecked the box on the Security tab marked 'Enable Java content in the browser' and the General tab now notes that 'Java in the browser is disabled'.

As you suggested, I would like to be able to "turn it on only for safe websites" but can't see how to accomplish this. When I try to open a puzzle, I see only the following message (just below "Show Old Applet"):

"This is the place to run Java applet. Please visit to install Java."

And, if it helps, I have been using IE9, not Firefox.

Any advice would be much appreciated, as withdrawal symptoms are setting in...
Posted on 1/13/13 3:30 PM.
Hi, it should show 'Java in the browser is enabled' not disabled.
In IE you should be able to add to list of trusted sites and enable Java only for trusted sites.
Posted on 1/13/13 3:37 PM in reply to metropolitan.
Many thanks for your advice. Have now managed to add to the IE list of trusted sites but am not sure how to "enable Java only for trusted sites" and want to be clear about this before I re-enable Java entirely. (Just being extra-cautious...)
Posted on 1/13/13 4:47 PM in reply to Ra100.
Hagit, thanks for all the suggestions! I'm not surprised about the elephant. emoticon I do best with tiny needles and fine yarns (I'm best at lace crochet), and do the doll clothes and baby booties better than the blankets. I'm always amazed when someone can make a whole blanket in the time it takes me to make one doll dress. emoticon Last night I ended up watching a silly comic book movie instead. It took actual watching to figure out what was going on so I couldn't have done griddlers--or knitted--during it anyway. emoticon But I mostly watched because it was too cold to go to my studio and find something to knit.

Today they released a new update (v7u11) that Mozilla was linking, so I figured that would do it. Same problem. emoticon So I researched the heck out of it, and found today's answers, which worked. Maybe this will help someone else.

1. Find all the Java artifacts that might be lurking on your computer and remove them. They don't always have obvious names. I'm pretty sure this is the page which will show you the names if you have remnants of older versions. Mine were very old!

2. In Windows Control Panel use Add/Remove programs to get rid of the Java remnants. Also remove the current version.

3. Use Start>Run and type in regedit to see the registry entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft. I don't know anything about editing registries, but the advice was to remove any values. I figured that Java wasn't Windows system and the Java had all been removed so it couldn't hurt anything, right? The new install would have new keys, right? (This part of the solution came from a forum that was way way over my head.) So, open all the JavaSoft sub files and remove the entries on the right, same as you'd remove a file under My Documents. There was one that got a notice that looked like I shouldn't do it (not just are you sure you want to delete), and it had a "default" setting, so I left that.

4. Restart the computer so that all the weirdness goes away, including partially installed versions if you've been fighting with it.

5. Make sure your anti-virus and firewall aren't also blocking Java, and use the workarounds suggested by their makers if they are.

6. Download the new version from the Java site and click the verify button to make sure it's installed and findable.

When I did all that, I could finally open a triddler! And lo! iGridd was back!!

I'm so happy!! This whole lockdown thing poofed my puzzle. emoticon I'm so glad it wasn't a hard one!
Posted on 1/14/13 8:29 AM in reply to hagitm.
On your advice, have now (hopefully) uninstalled every version of Java (although very reluctant to dig deeper into my computer, as glllop suggested, without fully understanding what damage I might inadvertently cause!)

Am also quite scared about installing the updated Java, without an answer from Ra100 to my last question about using only trusted sites. (Your first link above still advises disabling as the safest option.)

[Will be sad not to be able to visit here again, as other nonogram/hanjie sites are much less challenging.]
Posted on 1/15/13 4:22 AM.
Are you sure that https is possible, as can only find http? How do I "enable Java only for trusted sites"?

Thanks for your help
Posted on 1/15/13 5:26 AM in reply to Ra100.
Depending on your IE security zones settings, you can add also HTTP sites to trusted zone. To run girddlers on HTTPS just bookmark URL . We have valid https certificate from .
Posted on 1/15/13 7:14 AM in reply to metropolitan.
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