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Monday, January 14, 2013
Java security Vulnerability - Updated


Since January 14th there is fixed version of Java from Oracle available for download. The troubles mentioned below have been taken care of. You can read more about it in HERE.

When updating the Java version you'll get a warning window, as follows:

Click on Run, check Do not show this again for this app and you are back to solving griddlers.


You may have read some warnings or get blocked your Java plugin because of the 0-day exploit. All our applets run on Java, so most probably you were affected. But we have some suggestions to stay safe.

What are the risks of 0-day exploit?
Some websites can deliver and run malicious software on your computer. Therefore Apple and Mozilla decided to automatically block the Java plugin until Oracle releases a fixed version of Java. Also, some security advisors suggested to turn off or uninstall Java completely.

Is it really necessary to kill the Java completely?
In fact - no. The malicious software can come to your computer only from infected websites. Those sites are usually with content that is "not completely legal" or sites in which users can upload any content, including Java applets. is a safe site if only because the griddlers_team are solely allowed to upload Java applets. The other content uploaded by users is only data - images and texts - not programs.

How to stay Safe?
If you want to be safe, follow all the security advices and still use - do this:
Turn Java plugin off for all sites
Turn it on only for safe websites, such as

Use Antivirus
A good advice is to use an antivirus software. For instance, NOD32 from Eset already blocks malware exploiting 0-day security bug. Read more about it in HERE.



I have to click on Run for each griddler again, even after I check Do not show this again for this app. Am I doing something wrong?
Posted on 1/15/13 5:26 PM.
Thanks, Ra100. I have now managed to find the HTTPS version of the URL and added it to Trusted Places via the Security tab in Internet Options for IE9.

But I'm still not sure how to "enable Java only for trusted sites" as you advised at 3:37 pm on 13 Jan. (Sorry to be a bit thick about all this jargon....)
Posted on 1/15/13 8:25 PM in reply to Ra100.
Since I haven't had any further advice from you about the "trusted sites" issue, am still most reluctant to re-install Java and solve any further puzzles. Couldn't you just choose an alternative to Java instead, if it's truly so vulnerable to hackers?
Posted on 1/17/13 3:33 AM.
So far I did not find solution how to enable Java for one site only in IE. It is now possible in latest version of Firefox.
If fact there are not many possible alternatives to Java for such games like griddlers. In Flash there are also very often security vulnerabilities and there is also problem with mouse right button - it only shows context menu.
Other alternative is Javascript - it has nothing to do with Java except the name. You can see Javascript griddlers in Lite section. For modern browsers it is possible alternative but we need some time to integrate it to the site.
Posted on 1/17/13 7:14 AM in reply to metropolitan.
rody and metropolitan,

Read what Ra100 suggests in the following forum:

Or use Firefox. If you choose to use Firefox, update the browser and then - when you activate the plugin, notice a small icon to the left of the address bar, where is. Click it and select "Always activate Java for this site". It'll save you those extra clicks you need to do when opening a puzzle.
Posted on 1/17/13 8:58 AM in reply to rody.
I've tried everything and still I have no griddlers. After some years of "griddling",now I can only visit the page since java is not working in any of the browsers. There must be a solution!!!
Posted on 1/23/13 11:07 AM.
I need help I have not been able to work a griddler for a week and a half. Tonight I got the puzzle to load and then it closed. Can anyone suggest what I need to do. I am running internet explorer and have downloaded java with the security fix. Thanks for your help.
Posted on 1/24/13 5:02 AM.
It's hard to relate when people say "I have tried everything". Try to download the latest version of Firefox, then - the latest version of Java. It fixed the problem for a lot of users. If you get an error - tell us what the error is (better do it in the forum, not here). You can try Chrome too.
Looking forward to getting more info,
Posted on 1/24/13 2:26 PM in reply to airam.
What about for Safari users? Is there an update fix for that?
Posted on 2/2/13 4:08 AM in reply to hagitm.
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