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sobota, 6 października 2012
Tips for Solving G-Match Puzzles

People who take a part in the G-Match know raist very well. He is the ultimate G-Match player. If he attends a match - he'll be the winner of that round. If he attends all the rounds - he'll be the winner of the whole tournament. Just look at the number of trophies and certificates he has got.

In chat, where the G-Match players meet while playing, raist was asked to share some tips and tricks, to better solving G-Match puzzles. He was always willing to share his knowledge, however, when the chat was over - the tips evaporated in the cyber world.

After 12 G-Match tournaments raist decided to establish his knowledge via the forum Tips for G-Match. The purpose of that thread, as raist utters, is to present tips and suggestions for the G-match participants.

Enjoy reading and feel free to add your feedback and your own tips.

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