How to use:

The new translator tool has all the keys in one place.
DO NOT use the Web Translator page. It will be removed after fixing bugs you may find.
We highly recommend to use Firefox.

All Keys:
If you want to get all the keys - leave the Search field empty and click on the button OPEN.

On the left side you'll get a list of keys. The letters in the gray bar tell you the status of the keys:
N = new key
U = updated key (a key that was changed)
Empty = translated

Click on one of the keys and look on the right side. The top text area shows the English text. The bottom text area is for you to write the translation. After translating the key - click on the button SAVE.

When you are done with your translation, click on the button Apply All Changes to have the keys updated online.

Need Translation Keys:
If you want to get only the new and the updated keys - check the "Need tranbslation" box and click on the button OPEN.

Filter Keys:
If you want to filter certain keys, use the keys ID.
For example:
Write "menu_" (without the quotation marks " ") in the Search field to get all the keys that appear in the menu.
Write "gt_" if you want to get all the Themes keys.
Write "gt_" and check the "Need translation" box to get only the untranslated Themes keys.

Web Keys:
If you want to find a certain key on a web page, open the home page and navigate through the top menu to the page you were looking for.
In order to go back to text instead of keys - click on your language at the top lang bar.

Themes Keys:
If you want to find a certain theme key, use the two links below. One shows you the English text, the other one shows you the key. You can use the numbers to compare text and key.
View all Themes in English
View all Themes as Keys

Portal Keys:
The Portal keys are the text in the forum, the news, the registration/login fields, the error alerts, etc. Some languages have it translated by default.
If you want to find a certain portal key - select your langugae from the list below (once again - we recommend to use Firefox):


If you have questions or need help, feel free to send me an email or a message to Griddlers Team