Monday, April 22, 2013
Griddlers Stars

Griddlers Star is a rating system that defines how good a solver you are. Everyone can test themselves. It is mainly about the skill of solving, but not just.

Griddlers Star is split to levels. In each level you are required to fulfill various tasks. The first levels consist of a few and easy tasks like: "Solve 5 Black and White Griddlers". Advanced levels have many more and harder tasks.

Stars and Certificates
Once you complete all the tasks in a level you get a star and climb up to the next level.
You also get a certificate to indicate your achievement.

New Levels
New levels will be added constantly. A News Message will be published every time a new level is issued.

The keys enable you to fulfill a task without actually doing it. For example: If the task is "Solve a Triddler" and you can't solve a triddler no matter what, you can use a key to complete that task. In future, if you manage to solve a triddler nonetheless, the spent key will be available again and you can re-use it.

Currently there are 4 keys available, one of them is a free. In order to get the keys you must visit the Keys page.

Key icons

  Not available

Task icons
  Not solved task
  Solved task
  The key was used to unlock a task

So… let's rank ourselves!