Thursday, February 7, 2013
Upgraded Lite version is Online

The upgraded version of Lite solver was launched today. We decided to improve the Lite platform of solving griddlers in order to save our users troubles they may encounter with when using Java. The Lite platform requires nothing to download and hold when solving, like downloading Java.

What does the upgraded Lite version have?
Zoom in/out;
Mark X's and O's on the grid;
Tick off clues with X's and O's;
[Note: Saving is due to the subscription rules: Subscribers can save up to 50 puzzles. Non-subscribers can save only 2 puzzles].

Drawing mode
The default mode of drawing is Area. You can draw a line (an area of 1 x ## squares) or any other area (## x ## squares).

Switching between applications
You can switch between the Lite application and the New applet in any time and call for your saving records in any of the platforms. For example: you can start solving a puzzle with the Lite solver, save, and then open the puzzle with the New applet to continue solving. What you saved with the Lite application will be read by the New applet, and vice versa.

We need your help
Please solve puzzles with the Lite solver and tell us if you find bugs or errors. Puzzles you solve with the Lite solver are registered as solved for you and records you save are kept saved.

Have a suggesion?
We haven't completed working on the Lite application, nevertheless - if you come up with new ideas or have suggestions to improve the Lite application please let us know about it via the forum.

Have fun!