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Nedelja, 06. maj 2012
Top Word Search Solvers

As promised, the Top Word Search Solvers table has been implemented and now you can view the Word Search's best solvers of All times/puzzles, of year 2012, and of each month in year 2012.

Currently (May 6th) we have 153 puzzles and the maximum score is 38,259 points.

You can already view the stats of your solving Word Search puzzles via your Statistics page:
You have solved ### Word Search Puzzles and your score is ###.

Our next task is assigning certificates to the Top Solvers. On June 2012 we will issue certificates to the Best Solvers of May 2012. However, you can already view a certificate granted to the Top Solvers of April 2012.

Note: The number of Word Search puzzles is relatively small. e.g.: On April 2012 the maximum number of puzzles was 142 and three people solved them all: madmod got a certificagte for being the 1st Top Solver, Tiyle - 2nd, and baerchenssun - 3rd. The difference between them is the time of solvling. madmod was the first to finish solving the puzzles, Tiyle was the second and baerchenssun was the third. So now you know and may want to take into consideration that even if you solved all. the puzzles you may not be granted with a Certificate of Achievement

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