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There are several types of subscriptions:

Step 1. frequency

1 Month Subscription $5
6 Months Subscription $25
1 Year Subscription $40

Step 2. automatic payments

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To cancel or pause existing Paypal subscription, please visit your account on Paypal.

Step 3. family subscription

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Step 4. discount

If your are senior or student, please contact Griddlers Team.
The second and third member of family has 50% discount.

Step 5. summary


After ordering your subscription, return to this page to activate your account. You should see verification shown below in your Subscription History.
If your account is not activated immediately, contact griddlers_team.

Contact us for special rates (families, schools, students, seniors, etc.)


Use the same buttons (above). You don't need to wait until your existing subscription ends. Subscription renewal can be done in any time. The system remembers the last valid date of your subscription and adds the new period of time to it.

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