Triddlers Rules and Examples

Triddlers are logic puzzles that use number clues around a grid to create an image.

The clues encircle the entire grid.

The direction of the clues is horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Each clue indicates a group of contiguous triangles of like color.
Between each group there is at least one empty triangle.
The clues are already in the correct sequence.
Groups of different colors may or may not have empty triangles between them.

Solving a Puzzle

The red arrow marks the direction of the clues as well as the direction they should be placed on the grid.
If we perform overlapping counting and count from the bottom up and from the top down, we can place 5 triangles of clue 6 on the grid. We can do the same for clues (2,3). Clue 4 already has 4 triangles on the grid. We can fill in the rest with background color. There are already 1 triangle and 2 triangles in the line of clue 4. We will add a triangle between them to make it a group of 4.
The triangle marked in red has to be white to split the two groups of triangles. Now we can complete the line of clues (2,3). We can add the 4th triangle needed for clue 4 and complete the line of clues (1,2). There is only one empty triangle left to complete clues (1,1) and finish the puzzle.