How to Use the Number Logic Puzzles Application


To play the game simply place your mouse over a grid cell and type a number.
Use the keyboard arrows to move up/down left/right on the grid or - just move the mouse.

Left-click to open a sub-menu and select a number. The sub-menu also enables you to delete a number you placed (the eraser image).
Right-click to open the pencilmarks sub-menu.
Backspace to undo 1 to 1000 steps back.

Hit the space bar to delete a solid number or to delete all pencilmarks in a cell. In most puzzles the digit 0 can also be used.
If you have several digits written as pencilmarks and want to delete only one of them, type the digit you want to delete.

Points are the number of empty cells in a grid.

Difficulty - order by Mid-Time to know which puzzles are more or less difficult.

Панель Инструментов:

  1. Check the puzzle while solving. However, each "check" reduces 1 point (penalty).
    Once the puzzle is solved the score is:

    Total number of points
    Total number of penalties

    Puzzles can be solved again, but the initial score remains the same and you won't get the total number of points if you solve the puzzle again.
  2. Очистите поле головоломки и обнулите таймер.
  3. Подписчики могут сохранять до 50 головоломок.
    Остальные могут сохранять только одну головоломку, причем сохранение каждой последующей перезаписывает предыдущую.
  4. Удалить сохраненную версию головоломки.
  5. Zoom-in to get a larger view.
  6. Zoom-out to get a smaller view.
  7. Пауза/Старт
  8. Отменить
  9. Повторить
  10. Pencilmarks - Toggle between numbers and pencilmarks by clicking on the . (dot) key.
  11. PDF - Доступно для подписчиков.