A Word Search is a word game that is letters of a word in a grid. The goal of the game is to find and mark all the words hidden inside the grid. The words may appear horizontally, vertically or diagonally, from top to bottom or bottom to top, from left to right or right to left. A list of the hidden words is provided.

  To play the game simply place your mouse over a grid cell, press and drag it over the letters.


The word in the grid is highlighted with background color and in the list of the words it turns off and gets a strikethrough.


Special Addition

Each puzzle has some text at the top and underscores ( _ _ _ ) to indicate missing word(s).

  If the puzzle was solved successfully, the remaining letters pop up in the grid and the missing words appear in the text.


The puzzles are categorized in Themes that belong uniquely to the Word Search Puzzles. We tried to find interesting, educative, fascinating, and funny themes to add to the solving enjoyment.

In Movie Quotes, for example, you will find the well known "Hasta la vista, baby", and in Art - Paintings you'll learn that a $7000 painting can turn into several million dollars a few years later, depends who the artist is.

Since we inhabit a worldwide community, we tried to select themes that apply to everyone around the world. And yet, the current Word Search Puzzles appear only in English. In future we may add other languages according to their use.

If you want to suggest themes of your own, please do so via the forum. Like always, we are attentive and try to comply with your wishes.

Subscribers can see the number of solved puzzles out of the total number of puzzles in any theme.

Word Search by Pictures

In this kind of puzzle, instead of a list of words you get pictures. First you need to write down the words according to the pictures. It isn't easy because bambi can be fawn, hand can be fist, and car can be automobile or auto.

In order to distinguish Word Search by Pictures in the list of puzzles, we added the icon by the puzzle's description.

The Toolbar

The toolbar provides the following options:
1. Clear the puzzle and restart the timer.

2. Save - Subscribers can save up to 50 puzzles.
Non-subscribers can save only one puzzle. They need to be careful because saving another puzzle overwrites the saved record.

3. Delete the saved version of the puzzle.

4. Zoom-in to get a larger view.

5. Zoom-out to get a smaller view.

6. Pause/Play.

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