Tuesday, June 25, 2013
T-Match Tournament 5 - Here we go Again!

General Info:
The T-Match tournament is a series of matches held on Saturdays. Each match takes place in a different hour of the day until we complete 12 rounds. You need to watch the Site News in order to know when the next match is played.

T-Match First-Timer?
If it's your first time to play the T-Match - visit the Help page.

Tournament 5:
The current tournament is 5. It'll start on July 6, 2013. You can know when the next round is held via the countdown clock on the T-Match page.
Each round will consist of 5 puzzles released every 5 minutes. The first one will be released 5 minutes afer the round hour (e.g.: 10:05)

What is better for You?
When we announce the next Match on the Site News we recite a round hour. For example:
T-Match - Tournament 5, Round 1: Saturday, July 6, 10:00 AM GMT
Would it be better if we recite the exact time as follows?
T-Match - Tournament 5, Round 1: Saturday, July 6, 10:05 AM GMT
Tell us your preferences via the forum. You don't need to write a long explanation. We will understand you well if you simply write 10:00 is better.

Triddlers for T-Match
Even though two of your favorite authors have already created triddlers for the T-Match, anyone is invited to create new T-Match puzzles.
The recommendations for those puzzles are:

  • Nice image, even if it is a simple one. Logos, for that matter, won't be accepted.
  • Small grid and easy puzzle. We check to see that when opening the puzzle you don't need to zoom out in order to get all the puzzle (grid and clues).

Good luck, everyone! See you soon.