Poiščite pomoč pri reševanju

To se zgodi nam vsem! Na neki točki ne moremo najti naslednjega koraka, da bi nadaljevali z gobelinom.

Prvi nasvet je Potrpljenje. Shranite ga, zaprite ga in ga pustite pri miru za dan ali dva. Prav zares pomaga, da si ogledate gobelin znova s svežimi očmi.

Next, have a look at the Griddlers Tutorials or the Triddlers Tutorials.

There might be some techniques described there that you hadn’t noticed before. With multi-colored Griddlers, try to use the X- and O-markers to point out places that can only be one of those colors.

If this doesn’t help, you are welcome to ask other solvers to help you via the Forum Get Help in Solving.

Make a screenshot of the puzzle to show others the exact point where you are stuck. Make sure it includes all of the clues. That way people can use the image to study them.

Upload the image in the Forum with additional information including like the ID of the puzzle and its description. If it is a Multi, write the ID of the part as well as the main ID of the Multi (the ID shown in the List Panel).
The first two topics in the Get Help in Solving Forum explain how to make a screenshot and upload it.

Soon, some other user will show how to continue by pointing out the next logical step or showing where you might have gone wrong.

Happy Griddling!

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